MMORPG ESO is a pioneer with a new hot feature of NVIDIA that can DLAA

The MMORPGELDER SCROLLS: Online sets the first game NVIDIA s new technology Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing. But what is DLAA actually? Meinmmo explains Nvidia s new technology.

With the coming update 32, MMORPG not only gets content-related innovations, but also technical improvements.

The technical improvements are DLSS and DLAA. These are both NVIDIA technologies that you can use with RTX graphics cards. Owner of AMD graphics cards are excluded.

The leading Graphics Engineer from Zenimax Online had declared on Twitter that ESO is expanded with two new techniques of NVIDIA:

In addition, the innovations in the live stream were presented in more detail in the Livestream on Twitch (via But what is DLAA at all and what brings in the future users who will gamble ESO on the PC? Meinmmo introduces you the technology and the advantages.

DLAA makes artificial intelligence the graphics prettier

What is DLAA? Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing or DLAA based like NVIDIAS DLSS on artificial intelligence.

DLSS scales low resolutions on high resolutions such as 4K high, saving power. So you can play at high resolutions and have a stable frame rate. For this, the picture quality suffers slightly depending on the DLSS stage.

In contrast to DLSS, however, DLAA does not take care of the scaling of resolution, but instead it is with DLAA around edge smoothing. The edge smoothing is taken over by the Ki and the performance improves.

Who benefits from it? Both DLAA and DLSS rely on improving performance (higher FPS) without your better hardware needed. That is especially what users are looking forward to a NVIDIA graphics card that do not feel like paying thousands of euros for a graphics card on eBay.

However, the owner of an AMD graphics card have nothing, since Nvidia s technology works only with RTX graphics cards. Because these rely on so-called Tensor cores, which are responsible for the calculations. AMD has now at least presented a DLSS alternative at least with AMD s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

Edge smoothing needs a lot of power, DLAA should require less power

What brings edge smoothing ever? Simply formulated Smoothes antialiasing the transitions between objects in the game. This makes the game more realistic and not angular.

The problem is that antialiasing needs a lot of performance. The higher you the level, the more powerful is antialiasing and the more your hardware is required.

With DLAA, NVIDIA is now trying to improve the image quality and Macen the square edges in the game with the help of Ki softer, without having much extra power needed.

Especially in combination with DLSS that could be properly exciting, because under activated DLSS, the picture quality often suffers. With DLAA, the quality can now be better again.

If you already try it? Yes, DLSS and DLAA you can both try online at the official test server of Elder Scrolls.

How good is the technology DLAA? In a YouTube video you can view the difference between real anti-aliasing and Ki-controlled edge smoothing – if you notice a difference. The frame rate is much better at DLAA and the shadows look a little better at DLAA.

For this, the picture at DLAA has a little blur. For this, the frame rate with DLAA is slightly better (10-15 fps). The user makes the test with a GeForce RTX 3080.

In addition to new graphics technology, Update 32 brings many more improvements

In addition to graphic improvements, further new content for ESO will also come. For example, the developers have now introduced the new Deadland region.

Above all, a coveted feature with Update 32 comes to which many players already wait. This is Armory Assistants : character builds can be saved here and change at the touch of a button at any time. This is especially exciting for users who want to change their set in boss fighting their set.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming update 32 and the many new content? Tell us in the comments and discuss with other users!

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