Exactly how To Beat The Last Boss In Kena Bridge Of Spirits

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The last boss of Kena: Bridge of Spirits raises the scale of the monsters you ll face with the greatest animal yet to stand against you. The battle itself, nevertheless, is a varied one, and also is mainly concerning landing crucial shots with your bow, combating smaller adversaries, and preventing damages. Fortunately, this isn t also challenging a fight as long as you maintain relocating as well as watching your back, because enemies will certainly spawn around you and capture you with their attacks if you re not cautious.

Below s every little thing you need to understand to take on as well as lower the last boss in Kena: Bridge of Spirits as well as finally raise the corruption from the village and its surrounding lands.

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Keep in mind that this write-up includes looters for the final battle and also a reveal that s critical throughout of the game!

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Abilities You Should Unlock In Advance : Sprint Strike Heavy, Emphasis, Get In The Battle Royal, Rot Hammer, Rot Arrow, Rot Bomb, Spirit Dash.

Stage 1.

When you initially enter the battle against the final boss of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you ll locate on your own without the Rot to back you up– which indicates you ll shed numerous of your abilities, including the capacity to recover on your own in the fight. Your major objective, after that ought to be to stay clear of damage from the boss s big assaults, which can be tough with strikes that can go across the whole field of battle.

Mainly, you want to remain fairly near to in charge, as you can slip under it to stay clear of some of its assaults. First off, make use of Emphasis to fire arrows at the gurgling growth on its head. If you take a look around at the animal, you ll see there are comparable powerlessness on its paws, legs, and also sides, and you need to try to get rid of all of them. The one on its head is the most convenient, and you can slide between its legs to obtain around to its sides as well as struck the growths there.

In the initial part of the fight, the boss will certainly hit you with melee assaults, as well as it has a huge reach. One assault has it swiping horizontally across the battlefield, which you can dodge if you run rapidly to the side, potentially jump over, or prevent by going in close and also getting below it. There s likewise an upright swipe it ll do that ll send out ice ripping up through the ground at you, requiring you to dodge laterally. In both instances, Spirit Dash is a fantastic transfer to quickly obtain you out of harm s way. If you see the boss back up on its hind legs, get all set to leap– when it lands, it s going to send out a wave of energy across the ground in all instructions that ll damage you.

Keep moving, dodging, jumping, as well as shooting away with your spirit arrowheads utilizing emphasis. You ll require to hit each corruption point on in charge s body two or 3 times to damage them. Both in front, on its head and left paw (your right) are the simplest, so get those rapidly. After that go to one side as well as attempt to strike another of the pustules. That ll create the boss to holler and also suck you right into the Spirit World, where you ll need to fight smaller enemies in a tighter field.

You ve seen these small adversaries prior to, so just defeat them the very best way you recognize just how, but attempt to do so rapidly and also without obtaining overwhelmed. The first wave will include some of the flying moth adversaries that shoot power at you, as well as melee fighters on the ground. In the second wave, those lizard-like creatures that spew energy spheres will sign up with the battle royal. Freely use your spirit bombs as well as arrows to get opponents from a distance and attempt to stick and transfer to keep from taking hits, as you will not have any kind of possibilities to heal below.

As soon as you win this battle, a Spirit Gate will show up. Dashboard through and also you ll deal with a tougher fight beyond, that includes a number of little opponents as well as a Wood Knight. Once again, this is a battle you have actually seen before, so maintain your distance and also knock senseless the smaller adversaries promptly while preventing the Wood Knight s attacks, specifically when it throws its club at you. You can leap right over that, however it strikes hard if you re not prepared. Target the Wood Knight s weak factors to knock it off-balance as well as attempt to tidy up as numerous adversaries as you can, as rapid as you can. Do not neglect that your Spirit Dash is exceptional for scenarios similar to this– it can knock the Wood Knight off-balance as well as do damage to it as well as anything else in your course. Spirit Bombs are also helpful for staggering the huge enemy briefly as well as maintaining it from attacking you.

Clear these creatures as well as a bubble will certainly show up with some Rot inside. Wreck it with melee assaults and you ll obtain several of the creatures back, permitting you to ruin the Corruption on the Spirit Gateway ahead.

Stage 2.

You re now back in the one in charge s field, but currently it ll have a few new relocate its arsenal, and also the edges of the arena will certainly end up being a lot more harmful. If in charge plows towards you and also elevates its arm, it s wanting to order you. It ll after that toss you down versus the expanded, which will create you to jump way out to the edge of the arena. This entire area is damaged and will kill you if you stand in it too long, so quickly Spirit Dash or roll clear so you don t die without realizing you re being killed. When the one in charge winds up for the grab, you can leap and make use of Focus to stay clear of the attack if you re unable to obtain out of the way.

The one in charge s other brand-new relocation is to support to the edge of the field as well as pull in some pink energy, launching it as a pink laser beam it ll sweep throughout the combat zone. You can either jump straight over this strike or Spirit Dash or block through it, simply like various other strikes of a similar shade. Try to avoid getting prepared by it, all the same. With the Rot in tow, nevertheless, note that you can now heal utilizing a number of blue flowers on the sides of the field.

Various other than staying clear of the new strikes, there s very little you require to bother with below. Keep utilizing Focus to put arrows into the corruption on the one in charge s body. Damage the remainder of the pustules as well as you ll once again be drawn right into the Spirit World.

As opposed to a fight, you ll locate yourself in a light platforming location. Cross the rocks ahead as well as utilize heaven flower to skyrocket to the next system, keeping in mind that the rocks under you will certainly drop away after you touch them in a couple of seconds. Keep relocating up with heaven blossoms up until you can t anymore, then watch out across the gap behind you. You ll see a blinking blue rock you ll acknowledge as one you can strike with your Spirit Bomb, yet it s out of reach. To the right of it is a closed blue blossom– to get it to open up, you ll require to take a running jump off the system you re depending on and shoot the blossom in mid-air.

As soon as you re throughout the gap, make use of a bomb on heaven rock to produce a path ahead. You ll need to rapidly fire three even more flowers while in the air to cross the void past, yet that ll take you to a stable system as well as incentive you with even more Rot to add to your collection. That ll put you back at full stamina with your capabilities for the final phase of the fight.

Stage 3.

Whatever you have actually seen the boss do before is still on the table, now, smaller sized opponents will roam in from the sides of the battlefield to distract you. At this factor, you additionally can t damage the one in charge directly– you need the Rot s aid, so fight the smaller sized enemies while avoiding taking damages to bill up your Nerve as swiftly as you can.

The boss will include a number of new transfer to its arsenal. It will often holler when you re too close, producing a sonic boom around it that ll knock you away. It ll additionally leap away to the Hill Shrine in the distance, leaving you to eliminate its minions. Lastly, it ll rear up and also bill itself filled with purple power, before releasing it as a collection of lightning strikes around the battlefield. Complying with that, a series of smaller bombs will fall on the area and also take off, creating waves that emit exterior, so you ll require to stay in the air as high as possible to avoid them.

That last action, where the one in charge draws purple electricity to itself as it raises back, is what you intend to see, nevertheless. When that happens, you ll notice numerous spears stuck in the one in charge s back will glow yellow while it charges the assault. With a complete Rot cost, you can send the Rot to pull one of those spears out of the one in charge– that s just how you damage the animal, and also doing so will cancel the assault. You require to repeat the process four times to obtain all the spears out, so never mind using Rot costs for anything but taking out spears or recovery if you need to.

Usually, this tail end isn t as well difficult, since the boss will mainly rely upon the large energy blast assault that leaves it vulnerable, giving you ample possibility to damage it. Just keep cleaning up the little adversaries rapidly in order to maintain them out of your face as well as develop your Nerve charges. When the last spear falls, utilize the Rot to get rid of the corruption on the boss s upper body, allowing you to lastly release it.

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