New World a million players new servers free shuttle

Vox Media, Inc. is an American electronic media business based in Washington, D.C., as well as New York City. The business was developed in November 2011 by Jim Bankoff and Trei Brundrett to incorporate SB Nation (a sports blog network established in 2005 by Tyler Bleszinski, Markos Moulitsas, and also Jerome Armstrong) and also The Verge (an innovation information web site introduced alongside Vox Media). Bankoff had been the Chief Executive Officer for SB Nation given that 2009.
Vox Media possesses editorial brand names, primarily The Verge, Vox, SB Country, Eater, Polygon, and New York City. New york city further integrates the websites Intelligencer, The Cut, Marauder, The Strategist, Suppressed, and also Grub Road. The former Recode was integrated right into Vox, while Racked was closed down. Vox Media s brands are improved Performance, a marketplace for advertising, and also Chorus, its proprietary content monitoring system. The business s line of work include the posting system Carolers, Show, Vox Creative, Vox Entertainment, Vox Media Studios, and the Vox Media Podcast Network. As of 2020, the company runs added offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, as well as London. In June 2010, the network featured over 300 sites with over 400 paid writers. Since April 2021, Comscore ranks Vox Media as the 33rd-most popular media business amongst users from the United States.

We are perfectly aware that New World news is … a lot … a lot, but you have to forgive us. This is the greatest premiere of vox recent years who beats all popularity records and – not wanting – we can not write about it.

Especially that there are very interesting things going on all the time.

Here are the latest AMAZON Games Studios communication, in which the creator of New World remembers about record interest, one million players on the release day and a doubled number of servers.

This was an amazing week of development for the New World community. The demand that we have seen is stunning and we are honestly surprised how many adventurers came out to the edge of AEETERNUM. Over a million players entered the new world on the release day. Every day after the premiere, this number increases, which translates into a long queue to some of our more popular worlds.

Since our premiere on Tuesday, we have doubled the number of servers on Tuesday and we are working on increasing the capacity of all available servers to handle a higher population limit. Our team worked around the clock to add as many servers as possible and it will do so until we stabilize the waiting time.

Although we make this job, there are quick entry options. If you are a player logging up for the first time, forty percent of our live servers has a short waiting time or does not have it at all. We encourage you to search for these servers and start the game. We also hardly work on a function that will allow you to transfer your characters to another server, so if you choose one now just to get up and play, you can later make a different choice to play on the server with your friends. Our goal is to provide this feature next week, after thorough testing and making sure that it is ready. Before its release, we provide detailed information on how the transfer process takes place. We know how important it is possible to play with friends, which is why we place this function at the top of our priority list.

Well: yesterday evening another party of new worlds in the new world opened, but no longer a Polish server.

Arkyre vanaheim ETA
Harmonavanaheim theta
Montes serrorum vanaheim theta
opar vanaheim mu
Bermeja vanaheim phi
Hir vanaheim phi
Nexdorea (DE / EN) vanaheim psi
Nysos (DE / EN) vanaheim psi
Ramaja (DE / EN) vanaheim psi
Avalon (DE / EN) vanaheim psi
Delphniusvanaheim core
Lesath vanaheim core
Marsic vanaheim core
Arkturus vanaheim coral
Canis vanaheim Coral
Eridanus vanaheim luft
Fomax vanaheim luft
Parvanaheim lux
Perseus vanaheim lux
Swevenham vanaheim lux
Hydrus vanaheim astra
Lepus vanaheim astra
Menkar vanaheim astra
Nebus vanaheim astra
Vegavanaheim astra
Pollux Vanaheim Astra
Serpens vanaheim astra
Ursavanaheim omnia
Vineta vanaheim omnia
Yourang vanaheim omnia
Youdu vanaheim omnia
Yinjian vanaheim omnia
Vyrij vanaheim vox
Wood perilous vanaheim vox
Xarayes vanaheim vox
Alioth vanaheim vox
Antares vanaheim vox
Quila vanaheim vox
Canopis vanaheim Summit
Cygnus vanaheim Summit
Dry tree vanaheim Summit
Grussvanaheim Summit
Izar vanaheim Summit
Karaka vanaheim Summit

It has also been revealed that next week – if everything is ready – a free transfer of characters will be launched, thanks to which we will be able to transfer your avatar and all belongings into a new place.

\ – Before sharing this function, we will provide detailed information on how the transfer process runs .

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