Huang Toy Thalk Cala Lin Steam open demo should be armed or colorful depending on you

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To Tylo And Back Using A Single Fuel Tank - KSP
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Developed by Rematairy, combined with the adult Huang Toy Tylo Changkalin (temporary translation, Karryn s Prison) is currently being opened in the Huang Toy new package!

Thalk Cala Lin is a practical Huang Toy Meltys Quest developer Rematairy, which is new in the development of expectations. Players will play Kolin, a temporary tips, and accept the prison in the mutual management. Players need to fight with prisoners in the Huang Toy, and knock down the BOSS of each layer to maintain the order of prisons. This work has a rich battle H scene, and there will be good way to see, or use other methods to keep pure and play freedom.


This work also has a lot of behavior records. With the more and more experience of Carlin, it will also be inspired for more desires, obtain the title, and turn on more events.

The Huang Toy also has a lightweight element, and players can manage prisons or improve prison environments through various commands, but they need funding, and some instructions can save money, but may lead to chaos in prison, direct Huang Toys .

The demo version can be played to defeat the second layer BOSS, and the DEMO archive can inherit into the full version. This work will also be on the dlsite launch , official version is scheduled to be launched by the end of this year.

Steam New Product Festival will end at 1 am on October 8, October 8, with hundreds of Huang Toys can try, except for this, interested players try to attempt before the time.

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