Therefore Schalke is always better in rolling

For the spreadsheet, it will probably not be enough for the next matchday, not even one night. Although Schalke 04 opens the 10th matchday against Hannover 96 and would equal with a victory with leader FC St. Pauli after points, but the gelenkircher s goal difference is currently worse about six hits. Even on Friday, at the same time meeting (6:30 pm, live! Bei Schalke) the league-second Jahn Regensburg and the third SC Paderborn directly on each other, possibly one of these two is more of one of these two for a few hours to the square on the sun.

Of course, the Schalkern is, of course, that on May 15 at 5.30 pm on one of the two direct climbing sites – so after the season finale at the 1st FC Nuremberg. Meanwhile, the hopes have received much food. After initial difficulties (1: 3 against the HSV, only 1: 1 against Aue, even 1: 4 in Regensburg), the royal blue came to roles, at least, which concerns the results. The services are still not the yellow of the egg, but the yield is true: they have won four of the past five games.

Life Insurance Terodde


Of course, the largest success guarantee is called SIMON TERODDE. This striker is a phenomenon. Sometimes you can barely see him the whole game, but then he is on the spot – like the 3-0 against the FC Ingolstadt, as Terodde with his 153th second division hit the record brand of Dieter Schatzschneider cracked. After only nine game days, the attacker has already achieved eleven Ligatore, Terodde is undoubtedly Schalke s life insurance. All other players are still difficult to achieve goals. At least Marius Bülter already comes to three, Dominick Drexler and Mehmet Aydin on one – that was.

Despite this enormous Terodde dependency, Schalke achieves good results despite this enormous terodde dependence, there is also a few more of the 16 new additions to acclimatize. A good example is Thomas Ouwejan. While the team brings about the right barely useful flanks, the Dutchman on the left exterior regularly proves a precise feet, as well as standards. Four goal templates have already given Ouwejan, with the Goal shot templates he is also the absolute tip LIGWAY.

Meet on the current band: Simon Terodde. Imago Images / Laci Perenyi

Itkura rapid rise

Also barely accurate time has needed Ko Itura. As an employee of Manchester City he is used to unevenly higher football art, the requirements, which set the current lowlands to him and the team, but he has internalized without much accuracy. The seasonal worker from the Premier League has become a short time to the defense chief, leader, one who has progressed, and does not shy away. What distinguishes him especially is the sovereignty he radiates, even in pressure situations. Then only shows: Itkura is the tranquility itself.

After a more modest cold start against Jahn Regensburg, when Itcure was only one hours after his commitment was replaced and was not guilty at the 1: 4 defeat, the defensive specialist is now at six missions, five times he counted to the starting eleven.

Neither Dries Wouters nor Florian Flick come past Itkura as a central figure in the triple chain. Actually, the 24-year-old would have offered itself as an alternative for the Sechser role as a representative of the locked Victor Palsson, but coach Dimitrios Grammozis was difficult to push out the mancity professional out of the far row. The Sechser ideas with Wouters against Rostock (Schalke-Note 4) and Flick against Ingolstadt (4.5) rather went badly as right. Against Hannover 96 Palsson is now operational again.

Not all decisions went up

Not all transfer decisions of Rouven Schröder could rise, as a whole, the sports director has mastered his heavy job but so far with flying birds. A total of 46 personnel decisions, Schalke 04 only met at the view of the game compartment after the descent, the changes around the team (goalkeeper trainer, etc.) are not yet involved.

And what share does the coach on the Schalke upswing? First of all, the big advantage of Grammozis was that he was already installed in March and as a head of the claims settlement in parallel to contribute significant ideas for the compilation of the new squad. Since then, the 43-year-old meticulously tinkes in his daily business on the success.

Some things are quite failed to do so, for example, the decision to move in the home game against Aue from his proven trial chain and to put on a rarely trained four-person network. Some things are subject to risk, such as the short-pass game structure or the goalkeeper exchange, where it must first turn out if Martin Fraisl is really the constant better alternative to Ralf ferryman.

Grammozis proves a good hand

Other decisions of the trainer are already fully rising. His choice of the StartTelf players last paid out several times (but his squad in the width is not too well occupied), and Grammozis has also developed a better knob for incoming and losses. His game idea, based on a 3-5-2 system, manifests slowly.

In the sum, all this will cause the following conclusion: if the FC Schalke is now not only with a view of the naked results, but also playfully greater into wheels (stable services over 90 minutes, more goal of goal also independent of Terodde, etc.), should The direct return to the Bundesliga is very likely. But even then.

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