Terodde My backward step into the regional league was groundbreaking

14 Trainers have accompanied Simon Terodde so far through his second division period, the most important mentor was one who decisively influenced his way, even before Terodde achieved his first goal in the 2nd league.

Without Frank Schaefer I would never have reached what I have achieved, says Terodde in the Frank Schaefer interview. I was at that time a sporty very uncertain future, I lacked the perspective when he brought me to 1 FC Cologne in 2009. In the regional league eleven, mind you.

Although the striker had long since had behind him (October 2008 for the MSV Duisburg against Ingolstadt), he decided deliberately for the backward step in the Regionalliga. From today s point of view, I have to say: That was one of the groundbreaking decisions in my life , If I have persistently attempted to enforce myself with a professional team, I may have disappeared sometime in the sinking.

He came to talk to the Harley Davidson, looked at me and realized that he really wanted to commit me.

Terodde over Neururer

A groundbreaking role later also got Peter Neururer. And that was like this: After 23 goals in 87 games, Teroddes Weg at Union Berlin seemed to be over after the 2013/14 season, despite the ongoing Treaty, as he threatened the bench under the new coach Norbert Dazel. There was Neururer, at the time trainer at VFL Bochum, contact. He came to talk to the Harley Davidson, looked at me and realized that he really wanted to commit me, says Terodde.

Simon Terodde and Frank Schaefer Editor Toni Lieto.

He had the ability to celebrate myself. I remember what he said in the Frank Schaefer about me: The Simon Terodde is crazy quickly! And in a superior form. I ve never been an arrow on the field and at that time bank kinker in Berlin, but Peter Neururer has conveyed that so well that I believed that myself. It was almost like alone for me.

For the first time second league scorer with Bochum

And how! In his first season at VFL Bochum, Terodde scored 16 goals, in the second 25, which he became second division scorer for the first time in 2015/16. He later repeated this feat when 2016/17 was first the VFB Stuttgart with 25 seasons to the second division championship shot and even with 29 hits even with 29 hits the 1st FC Cologne back to the Bundesliga.

In the four-sided exclusive interview (Monday edition, from Sunday evening also as a magazine), Terodde dives deep into his record career. He talks about his skills, coaches and companions and recalls the most beautiful, simplest, hardest and most emotional to his currently 153 goals. In addition, the Frank Schaefer explains the previously unknown backgrounds to the record puzzle in the case Dieter Schatzschneider: That s why the number was actually corrected from 154 to 153.

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