Schatzleider meets Terodde You know where do you play

On Friday evening, Terodde could overtake Schatschneider in the guest game Schalke in Hannover (6.30 pm, live! At game Schalke) Schatzneider – just in the hometown of the longtime record holder. You know where you play on Fridays? Treasure cutters reminded in a video chat published by Schalke. Terodde. It would be nice if you leave your torthunger a bit on this Friday.

I wish you all bad for Friday that you do not meet.

Dieter Schatzlekeeper with a fuzzy to Simon Terodde

A desire whose fulfillment Terodde could not promise. I would sign that if I do not meet and we still win 2: 0, Terodde replied. He himself could hold back, but my team colleagues are motivated and we also have to have the three points.

Treasure cutter: Man, Terodde is really worthy

Almost 25 years, Schatzneider s sole record holder was that he will probably be off his top brock in Bälde, is no longer valid him. He was glad and grateful, that I may experience that. Especially since it makes his potential successor easily, let go : I m so saying: Human, the Terodde is really worthy. Not only as a scorer, but also as a team player. You do not leave the star out of the star, but run back and fight, praised Treasure Terodde, You re not for nothing captain.

Terodde makes clear announcements – Schatzleider took influence on the lineup

Because in one, both agree: Without the teammates, your personal success would not be possible. A centerout needs the templates and balls in the box, Terodde said. In this regard, he ever made clear announcements to his colleagues: I urge Ouwejan (defender Thomas Ouwejan, Note d. Red) that the balls come. On the other hand, Terodde is not too bad to approach the temporal encoder after some awarded opportunities: Sorry, one of them would have to do.

Even easier, there was treasure cutters at his time: I was allowed to determine, Treasure Cutter reported that he could definitely influence the installation: I did that, it s clear. So he asked that on right of one plays, which can be reasonably flank . Or a player behind him, who puts me the ball right. Because with two blinds next to me who do not play , he would never have achieved the number of goals.

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