Eve Online Gamer spends 40000 on a ship

During a recent Crowd Control Production Charitable Auction, a EVE Online Space ship was purchased for $ 40,000. The CCP developer has organized an auction known as Plex for Good to collect funds and publicize the Red Cross and Australia bush fires. The ultra-rare ship purchased for $ 400 million by the EVE Online Scott Manley player was initially listed for about $ 13,000. The Golden Magnates are a ship that belongs only to one other EVE Online player and only five have never existed at the same time, with three of them destroyed. EVE Online is an epic spatial MMORPG that is now available on PC and Mac.

At the conclusion of plex for good, CCP apparently will convert all donations into an equivalent value in real species and will do it to the Red Cross and this purchase of $ 40000 will lead to more funds for charity. The Golden Magnates were originally listed by an Eve online player known as Kelon Darklight and the auction received considerable attention because of the scarcity of the ship. Scott Manley is a YouTube content creator with more than one million subscribers and he has been able to guarantee the auction for the rare Eve Online ship.

Apparently, Kelon Darklighy sells an incredibly rare internet spaceship in @eveonline whose profits are donated to charities, said Scott Manley in a recent message on Twitter. Assuming I can remember my login information, I think I ll do an offer. Apparently, he remembered his connection information because Manley managed to secure the Golden Magnates for $ 40,000. Since winning the auction, Manley has created a video on his YouTube channel to celebrate rare Golden Magnates.

Are you surprised by the amount that Eve Online players are willing to spend for a rare ship? Is it easier to deposit a lot of money during charity events? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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