Schalke Simon Terodde in the interview over the torrecord

Simon Terodde was overwhelmed in recent days with interview requests, in the Terodde, the new record shooter of the 2nd league is now in detail about his skills, coaches and companions and of course one or the other goal. Around 90 minutes took the conversation with Schalke striker.

You just needed to move the ball: was your record against Ingolstadt one of the simplest goals of your career, Mr Terodde?

This may be. I have seen that Dominick Drexler had the ball, I knew that he would overlook me. So I just had to focus on the goal termination.

In the face of its meaning, was the most emotional goal of her career?

Since it was 3: 0, I would not call it as such, I was very happy about the ideal conditions of my goal: a home game, right in front of the north curve, we won. I basically registered the next day that I wrote story. Also many companions of my ex-clubs have reported and congratulated me. It makes me feel proud that to give me this record so many people.

Which goal was your most demanding?

I m rather the classic recycling – it s rare that I play two, three opponents. With Stuttgart, I succeeded just before the rise, but I ve surprised myself. If I think about it, I remember that one of my heaviest goals was at the same time one of my most beautiful.


That was a sidewayer with Union Berlin against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. As far as I know, it was the only time that a hit was nominated by me at all for the gate of the month . Only one! From 153! But then another (laughs) .

Which memories do you have at your first second division, which you succeeded in December ten years ago?

That was the 4-0 with Union Berlin against FSV Frankfurt. I was replaced after a long injury break and pressed the ball through the line over the line. If someone had told me then that I kill the all-time record ten years later … This gate was already a special can opener.

And which was your main hit?

That s not a long time ago. Since I would actually call my gate on Schalke to the 3: 1 home win against Fortuna Dusseldorf, which is the most important far.

You just felt salvation with me, but also at the team and our fans in the stadium.

Simon Terodde


It had a special force. We found ourselves in a special situation, did not really know where our way to the defeat against HSV or draw goes against Aue. The cheers simply felt the salvation with me, but also at the team and our fans in the stadium.

Remember your fastest goal?

Was not that only in August with Schalke against Kiel in the 2nd minute?

No, they have already achieved one in the first minute, for Bochum …

Our 4: 2 in Heidenheim, now I remember! That was the last matchday 2016, it went for me in the remote duel with Nils Petersen from Sc Freiburg still around the scorer cannon. In the end, I even shot three goals, Nils could not be dangerous to me.

In her career, they have achieved five triple packs so far and hit twice 36 times. How hot are you on a four-pack?

I do not defend me, but four in a second ligament game are already a house number …

Do you still know which your latest goal was? Also with Bochum, also quite curious.

This will then have been the game when I did not bring the penalty in the 96th minute against Bielefeld, but then in marginal on 2: 2. I went back to the centerline with the ball in the arm, because I really wanted to win, but the referee has unfortunately noticed immediately.

Your penalty rate is for a record scorer like you are not outstanding. 18 were in it, eight but not.

I do not like to talk about penalty, that brings misfortune.

Do you have only one variant in Petto, which you do not want to reveal now?

(laughs) no, no.

Are you nervous at the point?

No. But in fact it is so that I had to develop a consciousness for this.

In what way?

To Bochum times, one of my teammates who felt safe was shot. Afterwards, coach Gertjan Verbeek came to me and said: Simon, you are striker, you have to take responsibility. That opened my eyes. Since then I take responsibility. And even if I should shoot, I ll start again next time.

30 goals with the left, 89 on right, 33 per head to even one with the hip: What does this balance about you as a forward type

These are all things that I try specifically to train. This is most obvious in the header rate. In youth at MSV Duisburg I became times with more than 20 goals marksman king because he was not a headed goal there. Even in professional football which initially was never my strong point, despite my height of about 1.90 meters. At Union Berlin I then trained intensively in the header pendulum, in retrospect, I can say that to me has brought a great deal.

At long range shot training have you avoided doing it with?

My rate is not so intoxicating, right?

In the box I often stand on tiptoe.

Simon Terodde

If your 153 gates They were 149 times inside the penalty area.

Therefore, the term goal striker fits me perfectly! No, seriously: That is certainly a deficit that I could still work. On the other hand it says something about me as a player type. I m not the one who shoots it from 30 meters with full instep, but NOT TRADE much by instinct.

Can instinct train?

to stand properly is actually a question of training. I shoot in training like the ball towards the open goal, without even watching it. This may seem strange to some, but I realize that it sharpens my senses. I know where the door is – in the truest sense of the word. Besides, I always try to improve my speed of action. Here, too, little things can play a role. I am, for example, in the penalty area often on my toes – I m constantly on the go and procure me so doubtful a move ahead.

If you look at your goal celebrations to, you might think, hold for years out for the scoring record. What is behind your gesture?

After a headed goal with Union Berlin in Duisburg I have been looking in the glare of the floodlights my parents in the stands. The gesture I simply maintained. Meanwhile I symbolize with this hand position usually that I am looking for the original donor. Away Games are often also our traveling fans that I anvisiere.

Marco Terrazzino, your opponent once in Bochum, most Terodde gates launched – ten. Then Dominick Drexler already follows with nine, eight of them to Cologne times. Was the co-production from Ingolstadt now just the beginning at Schalke?

Sometimes it just fits in these two is certainly true that, on Emiliano Insua – with whom I once played at VfB Stuttgart. It s about common understanding of the game, of course, to blind faith. So I was also so sure that Dominick against Ingolstadt not shoot himself, but would fit over. I have that something similar just also created the impression with Thomas Ouwejan here at Schalke. I quickly realized that he has a great left foot.

Which coach has influenced you the most – said Verbeek under which you met 31 times and as often as with any other ?

Without Frank Schaefer I would never have achieved what I have achieved. I then stood in front of a sporty very uncertain future, I lacked the perspective when he brought me in 2009 to 1. FC Köln.

I was aware of retrogression in the regional league decided. From today s perspective, I must say: That was one of the key decisions in my life.

Simon Terodde

In the Regional Elf, mind you.

Exactly. My second league debut since I had behind me, in October 2008 for MSV Duisburg against Ingolstadt. I have three quarters of a conscious decision to later for the backward step in the regional league. From today s perspective, I must say: That was one of the key decisions in my life. If I had persistently tried to assert myself in a professional team, I might eventually disappeared from the scene.

Why did it just clicked under Frank Schaefer?

He gave me clear that it is not just about getting for a striker to score goals, but also to be defensive diligently. It was not that he was always playing me – on the contrary. I sat a lot on the bench as a young player you are then at times also the coach s fault. Says defiantly that has no idea. But no, the point was that I had to develop myself. This is what I recognized.

2011 then followed a call by the Cologne-based professionals, where you had arrived in the meantime, the second division Union Berlin. Her breakthrough?

It was to change the perfect step as a young player there. A wonderful time, that I like to remember back.

23 goals in 87 games were not enough to convince the new coach Norbert Dazel, the bank threatened permanently. But then the rescue appeared in 2014: Peter Neururer.

He came to talk with the Harley Davidson, looked at me and realized that he absolutely wanted to commit me. He had the ability to celebrate myself. I remember what he said in the Terodde about me then: The Simon Terodde is crazy fast! And in a superior form. I ve never been an arrow on the field and at that time bank kinker in Berlin, but Peter Neururer has conveyed that so well that I believed that myself. It almost ran for me like alone.

In the first VfL season 2014/15 they scored 16 goals, only Rouwen Hennings from KSC even more. An incentive to take the goalkeeper cannon in the future?

Yes indeed. The number of goals increased. Only eight in the first Union year, then ten in the second and the 16 at Bochum – I felt like more.

The sound wall of 20 then broke out then clearly, were in 2016 with 25 hits for the first time second league scorer.

Since I had the feeling for the first time, really arrived in professional football. Until then, I always looked at players like Petersen, Alex Meier, Mo Idrissou or Lukas Podolski. Suddenly I belonged to the circle myself, that has already me fulfilled with pride.

2017 she shot the VfB Stuttgart with 25 goals for the second division championship, 2019 the 1st FC Cologne with 29 hits also. Can these two Bundesliga climbs be compared?

Not from emotionality, the prerequisites were different. In the VfB we were a pretty young team in the rise year, yet I felt the expectations from the first training – to the team, but also to me as a striker. You have to find yourself in. In the first home game against 60,000 spectators against St. Pauli, every ball has jumped from the foot. At Cologne, expectation after the Bundesliga dust was even higher, because of it alone, because we were a well-rehearsed team. Not to rise did not question.

After a year Bundesliga they went back 2020 back to the 2nd league, to HSV. Does it radiate a bigger charm for you to shoot traditional clubs such as Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, or now Schalke from the 2nd league, as to enforce in the Beletage?

It s a lot of fun to play in the 1st League. For my quota of ten goals in 58 games I do not need to be ashamed, I think. I have always chosen myself deliberately for my stations. Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Schalke: For me, this has more than just a touch of 1. League.

Are 153 goals in 262 games less value than in 201?

Since you can see what Dieter Schatzmen has done! I can only pull the hat before his performance then.

How big is the incentive to set up the sole record on Friday in his home Hanover on Friday?

I would also take a 2-0 win without your own goal. On Friday, the game is in focus, but I am pleased to meet Dieter Schatzlekeeper. I find it totally sympathetic that he treats me the record, but openly admitted that he would like to keep him.

He prophesent that never again someone shoots so many goals in the 2nd league. Share his opinion?

I think there s something there. Maybe even more than so far it will remain the great exception that someone with many goals of the 2nd league remains permanently faithful.

Anyone has never turned into the 2nd league four times scoring scoring, they could now be the first. Feel like writing history here?

That would be a nice thing, on the other hand, I have to say that at the time I met the VfL Bochum, when I met 25 times, or most recently with the Hamburger SV, as it was at the end of 24 goals, would rather rare if we got up for it be.

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