Bioshock 4 vacancies speak of improved Ki and fight Reactive World

[5.2] Radioactive detectors  - Cloud chamber
Developer Cloud Chamber seems to have large plans for Bioshock.

2K Games recently announced that the next bioshock was the game in the development of the newly established studio cloud chamber, and although the studio indicates to be a few years from the discussion about the project (although it has been supposedly for some time In work is), there are other ways to learn more about the game.

So the studio recently released a number of job offers for its two studios in Montreal and California (via Gamesradar) to make preparations for the expansion of the work bioshock 4 (or whatever they will call it), and one thing The a few listings mention is a reactive world, something that seems to be a great focus for the developers.

In the list for Lead World Designer, for example, it is about bringing a rich and dynamic game world to life . Bioshock 4 is obviously looking for a world that is filled with unforgettable experiences that complement the main history of the game . In advertising, it is also spoken that the world of the game in the field of tension of history, architecture and design and a convincing systemic environment lies these players are hungry to explore.

Also in the list for Lead Combat Designer is spoken by expression and experimentation of the players in a highly reactive world . Bioshock 4 s According to this list, the struggle seems to be a system-powered experience that includes the idea of ​​ player expression by emerging design. Finally, the listing for Senior AI Engineer also brings a lot of chips into the systemic nature of the game with mentions of an urban crowd system and systemic tribal ecology of a sometimes enemy Ki .

If these vacancies give an indication in which direction cloud chamber is traveling bioshock 4 Reason for optimism, there is any reason enough. The developers are apparently very aware that the storytelling and the thematic depth will be crucial bioshock game, but they also attach great importance to an emerging gameplay and the expression of the players, similar to an immersive SIM. It remains of course to be seen knowing Well, she can use her money where her mouth is, but at least the first signs seem to be positive.

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