Dying Light will have improvements in PS5 and Xbox Series X

With Dying Light Stay Human Ready for next January after its delay to 2022, at Techland we have been surprised this week when they follow with the intention of continuing to update the original work. Thin that, on the other hand, does not surprise us in the least, since the continuous support has also been the basis of the success of the saga.

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Thus, Dying Light will also receive a update in the new generation consoles . Both PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will have a patch available in the future that will improve the game. The title that mixes survival in a zombie apocalypse with parkour has a lot of added content, so it is not uncommon that they want to offer a good version so that new users continue to arrive arriving.

The existence of this update has been confirmed by the study itself even responding directly to the doubts of the fans, who have requests such as the arrival of 60 frames per second to Sony and Microsoft consoles. Undoubtedly, it is somewhat remarkable that they continue to work at the doors of 2022 in a game that had its official launch in January of 2015.

If we are not interested or we have already missed you at the first installment, Dying Light Stay Human lands on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch the next February 4 . Techland multiplies media in this sequel, which has double animations that your predecessor and will try that every skill we obtain change the game rules completely.

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