Metal Slug 3 will receive new figures from your most iconic characters and will arrive with Heavy Machine Gun

Metal Slug 3 has been one of the Best 2D action games of all time and the great exponent of the genre Run and Gun . The game that made us scratch our pockets in the Arcade Salons and who has subsequently been adapted to a multitude of domestic systems. All its artistic section is legendary, worse its protagonists are really iconic.

Tunshi Studio has presented a series of Slug 3 metal figures, with its protagonists, Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving, and two of the soldiers that we did not give truce in our frantic adventure. The figures are of scale 1/12, about 15 centimeters high, although they are not very large, they are full of details and accessories that all fans will recognize.

The figure of Marco Rossi will feature 2 interchangeable head, 6 hands, an infantry package, boots, gun, knife, Rifle AR-10 Walkie-Talkie, Cantimplora, Munition box, Another ammunition box for machine gun Heavy, the effects of the heavy machine gun , rocket, medal, the classic excrement, base and support.

Scale 1/12 with 15cm tall and full of accessories Tarma Roving will come with the same elements as to heads, hands, base, support and basic weapons, but it will have its extras will be a box of ammunition Heavy, pumps, pomegranates, flare effect, a gold coin, remote control rocket, a watermelon and a cigarette box . soldiers also come very complete, with shield, 6 hands each, infantry packs with radio, boots, pistol, knife, rifle, saber, heavy shield, pomegranate, m1 bazooka , a gatling , A heavy mini-girl, in addition to the bases and support.

The figures have been announced with a price of 144.99 dollars for frame, as well as for tarma, and soldiers will be sold separately, by 119.99 dollars each, or together in a pack for 189.99 dollars . They will be available for the second quarter of 2022 . If you are fans of the saga, remember that you have available our retro memories over the Slug metal trilogy.

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