Volcanoids Workshop Update Now Available

Vapor Workshop support is currently stay in the Early Access steampunk survival shooter Volcanoids.

In this title, players will get started on an exploration to a forsaken island that has actually been racked by mystical volcanic eruptions that are triggered by mechanical beings. In an initiative to make it through, players need to commandeer and update a drillship to dive listed below eruptions.

The Steam Workshop support for the game will certainly permit gamers to alter drillships, weapons, shield, buildings, components, personalities, and also decals. Find out much more with the adhering to trailer:

Volcanoids Workshop Update Available Now

According to Volcanoids Advertising Manager Richard Rampas:

With full modding assistance currently in the hands of the Volcanoids community, we re excited to see just how insane things will certainly obtain. We unlocked early to a couple of fired up modders in a beta branch just a few weeks earlier and we re currently seeing all kinds of super trendy mods all set in Steam Workshop. Shout out to Melodic Albuild, Lord Gregory, Maze as well as everybody else that s entered as well as started developing!

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