LOL This is how the new dragons will work Riot Games reveals all the details

League of Legends (Lol abstract) is a video game released in 2009 of the online Battle Arena, Free-To-Play, developed and edited by Riot Games on Windows and Mac OS.
The main mode of the game sees two teams of 5 players in real time in parts of about half an hour, each team occupying and defending its own base on the map. Each of the ten players controls a full character among the more than 150s that are proposed. These characters, known as champions in the game, have unique skills and a game style that is clean. They earn power over the game by collecting experience points as well as buying objects, in order to beat the opposing team. The goal of a part is to destroy the Nexus enemy, a large structure located in the center of each base. Other game modes, usually less competitive and rely almost always on the main mode, are also present – with the exception of TeamFight Tactics, a self battle (EN) released in 2019 without much compare with the main mode and which has its own community.
Initially inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a former Warcraft III Mod, the game is published on October 27, 2009 and adopts a Freemium economic model. It is often considered the video game with the widest competitive scene in the world, its competitions being international and bringing together important hearings. The World Championship of League of Legends 2019 (EN), for example, brought together more than 44 million simultaneous spectators during its popularity peaks in November 2019.
League of Legends has received generally positive reviews, winning prices for its accessibility, the design of its characters and added value. In July 2012, he was the first computer video game in terms of hours played in Europe and the United States. Its important popularity has led to the creation of derivatives such as music clips, comics, news, figurines, and, soon, a series of animation named Arcane.
The success of the game also gave birth to several other video games located in the same world, such as Legends of Runeterra, a collection card game, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, a role-playing game, and League of Legends: Wild Rift, adaptation on mobile and lol console.

The new dragons are the great added thing that will reach League of Legends in the next preseason. From Riot Games already offered the first details about these neutral monsters in an advance of the novelties that were about to arrive, but now the developer wanted to deepen more to tell us what will be the benefits and exact effects of his appearance in The crack of the invoker.

All the details of the new dragons of League of Legends

Known as Dragon Hextech and Technochemical Dragon , these new creatures will follow the operating patterns of the rest of the elementary creatures. They grant statistical improvements for each elimination, modify the summoner crack with its characteristic element when the dominant ones are. In these same circumstances grant an improvement for the team that manages to eliminate a total of four dragons being at least two of them of these new monsters.

These dragons will be very soon available at ELPBE of League of Legends, so that we can have first sensations about what the effects on the departure of these creatures can be as powerful as it seems. New very interesting ideas that will assault us this preseason and promise to stay a few years in the game.

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