Star Citizen Players claw objects by missing players an overdose

Star Citizen (English for Star Citizen ) is an online space flight simulation with combat and commercial elements for Windows, which has been in development since 2010 and has been produced since 2011. Since 2013, parts of the game in the alpha stage are playable for testing purposes. After the multiple elapse announced appointments, the company no longer gives an official date of publication.

With the last update for Star Citizen, the creators of Cloud Imperium Games have not only introduced a new inventory, but also a mechanic, with which you are now losing your items when you live in the game. Players in the environment then have the opportunity to claw all your items that you have worn to you and put them in their own pocket. However, this update is now ensured for curious PVP scenes in which the players attack with healing syringes in the sci-fi title.

One of these situations has recently described RedDit user XX-Shalo-XX . Normally, players spawn in a protected starting area where PVP is not possible. However, this rule does not apply to healing syringes, which users can also inject in this area into other teammates. The problem: Players can die at an overdose in Star Citizen, which is triggered by too many syringes.

So, if a figure with valuable equipment appears in the starting area, other players attack this character with the syringes, just to steal all its items from the inventory after the overdose – Items for which the players may have invested a lot of time to them at all Unlock.

Now play players – before entering the public area – their figure an anti-overdose medicine so they will not be the victim of this attacker. However, medicine should not bring anything in some cases because already too many players with their healing syringes are waiting in the starting area. On YouTube, Gameplay videos of this action can be found.

From Dominik Zwingmann
20.10.2021 at 15:56

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