Pok mon GO All Missions of Temporary Investigation Task Halloween Cup

Halloween 2021 celebration in Pokémon Go has left us with a new special research task, although it has not been the only thing, because during these days it has also enabled a temporary research task , so we are going to indicate them In this guide how to complete it.

All missions of temporary research task Halloween Cup

The call Halloween Cup is more special than we are accustomed to seeing in this type of missions. Usually the objectives are to trap certain Pokémon, transfer them, evolve them, etc., although this time everything will focus on fighting.

You will have to demonstrate that you have a team of the most powerful, because this research task will focus exclusively on the League Combats Go when you have to deal with a few coaches. What s more, not only will it suffice from you to participate, but you should do it with victory in several battles.

With which you earn seven combats, so you choose well what will be the trio of Pokémon with which you want to face this challenge , since thanks to this will serve you to get a few prizes: 15 Yamask candies, others 15 Sableye candies and 15 other scraggy candies for performing all these missions:



The No.1 Pokemon in Go Battle Master League in Pokemon GO

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Win a combat in the League Combats Go


Meeting with Sableye.

Win a combat in the League Combats Go 5 times


Meeting with Yamask.

Win a coach in the League Combats Go


Encounter with Frillish

Win 4 coaches in the League Combats Go


Meeting with Umbreon.

Win 7 coaches in the League Combats Go


Meeting with Yamask de Galar

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