Before Clasico Piqu compares the heads of the new generation

Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior (born 12 July 2000), typically called Vinícius Júnior or Vini Jr. (Brazilian Portuguese: [viˈnisjus ˈʒũɲoʁ], is a Brazilian specialist footballer that plays as a winger for Spanish club Genuine Madrid and the Brazil national group.
Born in São Gonçalo, Vinícius began his professional occupation at Flamengo, where he made his senior debut in 2017, at age 16. A few weeks later, Vinícius was the subject of a transfer to La Liga club Actual Madrid, for whom he authorized for in a national document for an U-18 player, R$ 191 million (EUR45 million) offer, which was made reliable after his 18th birthday.

45 times Messi and Ramos were with Clasicos, that s record. From the currently still in the eternal rivals active players, Barça-Profi Sergi Busquets is peak (40). Until then, it is still a way for two youngster, which are currently on everyone s lips: Ansu Fati (18) and Vinicius (21).

Piqué, who probably will not experience many battles between Catalans and royal in the square with its 34 years, trust the two to shape Ären. Clubs like Barça or Madrid always need the figure of a decisive player at the top, which goes shoots, especially when the most important player of history has gone like Leo Messi, says the defense chief. But one must remain realistic. Ansu Fati was 18 Years old, and we can not burden him with such a responsibility. It would be neither good for him nor for the club.

DEPAY? Coutinho? Aguero? Ansu Fati!

But about whom else talk about Barcelona? Memphis Depay? Although the Dutch has met four times in eight league games, but not since five play no longer from the field – and in the royal class. Clear that he has the class to decide a big game. But the current form, at least in the club desk, speaks rather against it.

Or about Philippe Coutinho? The Brazilian commutes somewhere between bank and started, at least against Valencia (3: 1) for the first time this season was successful. At the 1-0 victory against Kiev, he remained paused after his intercession to the break as so often. Also, the long-injured Sergio Aguero, in the two mentioned games in each case in the final phase replaced (yet) does not argue the impression of being able to be the coffin on the scales. Young hopping Gavi (17) has not yet come into appearance as a scorer, as little as Pedri (18), but that is missing anyway.

No, the hopes are most likely to rest on Ansu Fati, who has extended his contract recently until 2027. Trainer Ronald Koeman had already said in front of the Kiev game, the previously injured hope of the hope could not play three games in a week. Koeman also left him only after the break – a clear sign that he wants to see Ansu Fati on Sunday (16:15, live! At Ansu) as long as possible in the field. Barcelona needs such players, scorers, says Piqué, who talks to the experience of 37 Clasicos. At his first game after the months-long injury break, Ansu Fati met ten minutes after his resubmission against Levante (3: 0), just as 3: 1 against Valencia.

Vinicius and Ansu Fati know the feeling of a Clasico match

But on the other side, it is also such a player , one of the category Hungry Youngster . ANSU Fati vinicius, that s DAS duel of the new Clasico Generation. Both have ever met in the game of games: Vinicius in the second half of 2019/20 (2: 0 for real) at the age of 19 and 233 days, Ansu Fati at the age of 17 and 359 days at the 1: 3 in the Camp Nou 2020/21. No wonder so that Piqué says, You can be the present and the future.

And in the right comparison? Vinicius is faster, tense, it is more of a pure wing player, so ur-catalan piqué. ANSU is talented in the conclusion and can play as a striker. I would say: Ansu meets more and the other is one of the best in the world in one-to-one. By the way, the goal statistics give Piqué right. In Puncto Torquote, ANSU Fati is 0.38 per game, Vinicius at 0.14.

But the pressure is generally more likely to be on Barcelona, ​​which has brought two counters less than real, played at home – and that Kiev has little enthusiastic audience now. Especially since in the youngest Clasicos was nothing to get. The past three duels all won Real.

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