Venom Let There Be Carnage will be a crossover with Spider in the future

For three days, Eddie Brock has not only been around with Venome, but also with the dangerous super-scary Carnage. At least in the local cinemas, because in North America, Canada, Russia and Ukraine, Venom is running: Let There Be Carnage finally for three weeks.

ATTENTION SPOILER! If your Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Buy now € 27.99) Have not booked yet and this is still spoiler-free, you should stop reading here!

The film has already achieved impressive successes and cracked the pandemic record in no time. But fans are not guided by the booking results, but especially about the After-Credit Scene. There, Venom stumbled unexpectedly
In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more precisely in Peter Parker s hometown New York.

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Kevin Feige manifests itself to work on Venome: Let There Be Carnage

The relation to Spider-Man and no other superheroes was also so explicit because in the scene on television J. Jonah Jameson has emerged, the famous-notorious reporter with the Spider-Man fetish. Thus, the signs for a cross-over between the two characters should be more than good. Why else should you bother to transport Venom to the MCU?

Marvel-Boss Kevin Feild promised nothing, reported to Hollywood reporters but that the scene was created from a cooperation with the team of the new Spider-Man film: There was a lot of coordination between Sony and Marvel and the Venom team and the No Way Home team. We worked together.

Whether we are able to experience Eddie Brock and Venom No Way Home already appeared in the next third Spider-Man movie, or if you make your own movie for the meeting of the two, is still in the stars. Fans should be pleased in any case that a crossover of the two is now recognizable by the horizon.

Source: Hollywood reporter

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24.10.2021 at 12:36

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