Skyrim Fan Findet Bethesdas Secret Peter Curchant

A skyrim player found the real chamber of horror in the RPG hit quasi. There, three half-naked men must brush coal ovens day and night. Is the Bethesdas Secret Skyrim Torture Chamber?

How to find the secret torture chamber in Skyrim

The reddit user XX stevenhawking shows how to enter the true chamber of horror in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. As with many secrets in the role-play, you hides behind a console command.


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To get to this horrible place, you must first open the console with the ^ button . If you encounter COC AAADEETEWHENDONETESTJEREMY , you will be teleported into the chamber. The reddit user finds three scarce-held persons who have to spill coal in a dark cave in a stove. Despite the sparse equipment of the room, the game even jerks there.

However, the torture chamber still has other secrets to offer. If you interrupt the NPC named Testjeremysmall , he shrinks. If you do the same with testjeremybig he grows to a giant.

What has it with the hidden place?

In the chamber itself there are no signs of it, Which purpose the ovens and the NPCs serve . Presumably, developer Bethesdas wanted to test something for the finished game. Even if the name addresses it directly, it was obviously not deleted afterwards.

In the comments under the Reddit Post is also discussed about the function of the room. Dinowithissues believes that these three poor souls skyrim with their ovens do not take up . Crupp0 also claims that the huge NPC can sometimes appear in the regular sky edge. Undoubtedly an unsuccessful escape attempt.

Do you create the ultimate quiz?

A Skyrim player finds a secret torture chamber . What have the poor NPCs have only collected to earn such a fate? Have you already discovered secret places using console commands? Write us in the comments.

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