Netflix wants to be prudent with videogames will not buy studies until you have a good chance

Evolution of Massive Entertainment Games (1997-2021)
The large multinationals that control massive entertainment worldwide are increasingly interested in videogames. It is a niche market in constant evolution and in which a young audience can be reached directly, so as not to put your head would be unthinkable. We have seen it with the case of Amazon and New World, but other companies like Netflix do not want to stay behind.

About a month ago we met that the company had acquired Night School Studio in which it is its first great investment in the industry. With it, they seek to satisfy their creative aspirations and, possibly, continue adapting franchises from their original series and films. However, even though the union with the creators of Oxenfree and Afterparty has been striking, do not plan to buy more short-term studies .

We will buy studies when we find the proper occasion Gregory Peters, head of operations of Netflix We will take advantage of opportunities , Gregory Peters operating officer told investors, as it collects VGC. Do not wait for us to leave and make many shopping, it will be something we will do but opportunistic, when we find the appropriate occasion.

Our story says we are quite selective When dealing with mergers and acquisitions, Spencer Wang has insisted, also from Netflix. When an opportunity with which we feel we are aligned, we take advantage of it, but nothing beyond that .

Recall that Netflix takes a while elaborating its plans to give the definitive leap to the videogame industry. They plan to launch new titles in 2022 and, for this, they already have veterans of electronic arts and oculus in their ranks. What is sure that will not be missing are audiovisual adaptations related to video games, such as the League of Legends animation series, which will arrive at the beginning of November.

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