Halo Infinite Remaps Her Campaign With 6 Minutes Video

Soon a year and a half after a presentation far from provoking the expected effect, if not for Mème, Microsoft and 343 Industries enthusiasts back forward again the Halo Infinite campaign through a new presentation video of 6 minutes. It must be said that the kickoff of the game is always scheduled for December 8 and that fans have deserved to see progress on the technical level.

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Failing to show the Cooperation mode, which is part of the features that 343 industries will add in 2022, this video provides a good overview of what is waiting for the Master Chief in what we announce more than ever like la any more Great and most open Halo adventures in 20 years of existence. To explore the surface that is offered to him, the player can be delivered different terrestrial and flying vehicles from terminals.

Six months after the events of Halo 5, Spartan John-117 is sent to Zeta Halo to fight the banished. A mission that the soldier will lead with the help of a UNSC pilot and a new artificial intelligence named here The Weapon, which replaces Cortana. In a fairly conventional way for a sandbox of this type, the goal will be to weaken banished bannis by cleaning in the facilities dispersed everywhere on the map. Speaking of the menus, we also see that of the improvements, which concern the grapple, the shield, the detector or the propellants.

The Halo Infinite campaign will be available on December 8th on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, just like the multiplayer that will be freely accessible to free-to-play.

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