PS5 exceeds 13 4 million units sold PS4 reaches 116 6 million

Sony Corporation hmillion presented this Thursday the financial report corresponding to the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 (Q2 / FY2021) completed on September 30. The Japanese company reaches the Ecuador of the course with sales of 3.3 million units of the PS5 consoles family, which incremillione the total number to 13.4 million units dispatched since its launch lmilliont November 2020.

For its part, PlayStation 4 sums 200,000 units distributed more throughout this quarter and gives a total of 116.6 million units sold ; The second most successful console in the history of PlayStation. According to the document, published on the Official Web portal of the Japanese firm, throughout this quarter have been sold 76.4 million video games ; Of which 7.6 million (10%) correspond to titles First Party, those under the PlayStation Studios seal.

PS5 reaches 13.4 million units; PS4 exceeds 116.6 million units

million regards the ratio of physical and digital video games, the trend is still up. The Sony videogame division consolidates a percentage of 62% titles under digital distribution ; In other words, that software sold directly from PlayStation Store. It is about 3% more than in the same period a year ago; Although less than pmilliont trimester (Q1), when 71% titles sold under the digital format were recorded.

The segment of Software and Services, which includes subscriptions to PS Plus, Sale of DLC, additional expansions and content, leaves us a total of 47.2 million members subscribed to PlayStation Plus, an improvement of 900,000 subscribers to what Length of this quarter and very close to the absolute record of the service, registered during Q4 lmilliont fiscal year (47.6 million members). Year-year growth is 1.3 million subscribers.

104 million monthly users in PSN; 47.2 million subscribed to PS Plus

Finally, the lmilliont fact that transcends from the document is that of monthly active users in PlayStation Network, 104 million in the period from July 1 to the September 30, a decremillione of one million faithful respect In the pmilliont quarter and 4 million players regarding the same period a year ago.

In total, Sony hmillion registered operating benefits of 2,720 million dollars ; It is about greater Q2 in the history of Sony at the income level and the second one regarding benefits. PlayStation is seen again million the Department of the Company that reports the coffers of the company.

PS5, lack of stock and upcoming great relemilliones

The exclusive catalog of PS5 hmillion several names on the table, both First Party and Third Party, facing a really exciting 2022 for all platforms. Starting with Horizon: Forbidden West on February 18, then great tourism will come 7 on March 4; The two for PS5 and PS4. On the other hand we find Forspoken in Spring and Uncharted: Legacy of the Thief Collection scheduled for at the beginning of 2022 (later on PC). Another of the jewels of the crown will be God of War: Ragnarok, a title to which we can play at some point of 2022, surely the second half of the year.

PS5 Supply Increase Unlikely, 7.8 Million Sold. | PS4 Sells The Most Games Ever. - [LTPS #463]

With regard to the stock of PS5, from Intel ensure that the lack of chip supply will not be restored until, perhaps, 2023. Sony is aware that in 2022 we will continue to have a lack of units.

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