Valorant reveals his next agent

Valorant s Next Agent revealed this week as Chamber, a character that will join the game on the paper of Sentinel when it is released soon. Chamber was announced with a cinematographic style in a trailer of Agent that showed him using his own weapons against animated and inanimate targets with millimeter accuracy. However, the new character will not be launched with the beginning of the next act, but will be launched two weeks later.

The disclosure trailer of Chamber can be seen below, courtesy of Riot Games, after the character was presented on Friday. We also learned shortly after the revelation what Chamber can do from a complete breakdown of him.

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Place a trap that look for enemies. When a visible enemy enters into the scope, the trap makes a regressive account and then destabilizes the ground around it, creating a persistent field that slows down players trapped inside it.

(Q) Cabezas Hunter

Activate it to equip a heavy gun. Shoot alternative with the gun equipped to point down.

(e) Encounter

Place two teletransporte anchors. While you are on the floor and within reach of an anchor, reactivate to quickly teleport to the other anchor. The anchors can be collected to deploy again.

(x) Force Tour

Activate it to invoke a powerful personalized sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any straight hit. Killing an enemy creates a persistent field that slows players trapped inside him.

Valorant The Character Producer John Goscicki spoke about the Sentinel Role of Chamber and the new approach that developers have taken with the launch of this new agent.

We started thinking about different ways of tackling Sentinel s role, Goscicki said. At first, our thought process revolved around the idea of ​​ someone who takes refuge and maintains a location obtaining fragments. While we worked in Chamber, the evolution of someone who can control a site with a variety of weapons arose. Between your equipment, the pistol / ULD and it devices, a player should be able to hold a location, but depends on it to use the tools correctly and creatively.

Before the revelation of Chamber, Goscicki also confirmed this week that the new agent will not be launched with the beginning of episode 3 Act III. While Chamber has certainly lowered it, the general state of it apparently was not up to the valorant standards yet. As such, he will be launched with the launch of the patch 3.10, which will arrive two weeks after the act III begins.

As the development of the new agent advanced, it was clear that they were not at the level of quality I expected from us, Goscicki said. That s why we have opted to keep the agent for two more weeks, while we work in polishing those final aspects. Sometimes, the last 10% of the work really gathers 90% of the previous work ».

Goscicki continued saying that the decision to cling to the camera a little more was due to issues as visual signs of what the agent is doing.

Chamber will be launched with the launch of Valorant s Patch 3.10.

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