Call of Duty Vanguard Season One starts this week

Activision has revealed the timetable for the next 35 days of Call of Duty: Vanguard. All players can challenge numerous challenges.

EARLY Vanguard Release Available & Season 1 DLC! Zombies Dark Aether, Maps & Exclusive DLC Update!

The official blog post is among other things:

Give you ready: Call of Duty rings a fantastic year from the 28th of October, on which you can look forward to seeing you. Here is the schedule for the next 35 days:

  • October 28 (Console) and November 2 (PC): The pre-download of Call of Duty: Vanguard starts – the game orders in time to play it from the moment of publication. You will also receive more bonuses in Vanguard, Black Ops Cold was and Warzone.

  • November 5: Publication of Call of Duty: Vanguard – you expect an epic gaming experience at all fronts in campaign, multiplayer and zombies mode. In addition, the server-side implementation of Ricochet Anti-Cheat begins.

  • November 5 – December 2: Predition in Vanguard – Access to free Vanguard stages in the Black Ops Cold War-Battle Pass System of Season 6 is still possible. Then make you ready to be a popular card on 17 November.

  • November 18: In Warzone surgery begins: flashback – a time-limited farewell through Verdansk, the map, which has served more than 100 million players in Warzone in the last 18 months as a scene. Ready for a last dance on Verdansk?

  • November 24: reveals the secrets of the Pacific – this event introduces you in the context of multiplayer challenges in Warzone and Vanguard the island of Caldera and all new landmarks.

  • November 30 and December 1: The last few hours from Verdansk bombs – experienced what happens to Verdansk before going out in Warzone the lights to prepare the start of season 1 on Caldera.

  • December 2: Starting season 1 – Vanguard players receive new multiplayer cards, 24-hour exclusive access to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and more to the start of season 1. All players get access to a new Battle passport System and two free functional weapons. Plus: The Ricochet Anti-Cheat driver is introduced in Warzone.

On 05. November 2021 Call of Duty appears: Vanguard.

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