New World Taler Transfer and Trading Disabled Update for Gold

Amazon deactivates the money transfer in New World. As the developers communicate in a current forum contribution, players are apparently encountered a bug, which allows gold to duplicate them as often as they often. For this reason, we have switched off all forms of asset transfer between the players, the developers write. This includes, among other things, the sending of currency, estimates and player-to-players trading.

The developers complement the players a penalty, which have exploited the duplication bug in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €). The taler s bugs are removed from the stock of the affected users. In addition, the developers reserve the right to banish players from the game. As soon as we have fixed the Gold Duplication Bug and are ready to re-enable the money transfer, we deliver an update, the developers write.

In addition, they explain that this is a temporary exploit that can be remedied with adjustments to the economic system. Until a fix is ​​available for the problem, the developers want to expose trade and exchange. A patch will be submitted as soon as possible, says Amazon Game Studios in the forum to New World. Another update to the current stand want the developers want to publish the German time tonight. Previously, we reported that New World has already lost a number of players since the launch.

New World Gold Trading Disabled! Developers Respond To Bugs!

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