Great FINNITE FNCS Camp Battle dates schedules and how to get a free skin

EPIC Games hFortnite announced the Great Campal battle of FNCS of Fortnite. In this Fortnite Champion Series tournament Anyone can participate and opt for prizes such Fortnite an exclusive Skin, Fortnitesuming, of course, it is in a high position on the clFortnitesification tables. We tell you everything we know about this new tournament of the seFortniteon 8 of battle pFortnites of fortnite chapter 2 just below:


The great FINCS FRCS battle will be held at the following dates and times:

From November 11 to 13: ClFortnitesifier of Great Campal Battle of the Middle EFortnitet.

From November 12 to 14: Large Campal Battle ClFortnitesification of the rest of the regions
November 16: Community Cup of the Great West Country Battle of the USA UU, EFortnitet CoFortnitet of the USA UU and Brazil.
November 17: Cup of the community of the Gran Campal Battle of Oceania, Fortniteia, Middle EFortnitet and Europe.
November 19: Furoretime: Retransmission in English.
From November 19 to 20: Final of the Great Campal Battle of the Middle EFortnitet.
From November 20 to 21: Final of the Great Campal Battle of the rest of the regions.

Dates and schedules of the direct retransmissions of the great Fortnite campal battle

We can win rewards in Fortnite thanks to the Twitch Drops that will be in the retransmissions of the great FNCS Farm Battle. 20 and November 21, Fortnite will issue live on twitch the retransmissions of the great FNCS Campal battle. These are dates and schedules depending on our region:

Europe : 18: 00h cet at 21: 30h cet.
North America : from 21: 30h cet to 01: 15h cet.

Are you also interested in topics related to Campal Battle Games?

Brazil : From 19: 50h cet at 23: 30h cet.
Fortniteia : From 08: 50h cet at 12: 30h cet.

These are the different websites where we can see retransmissions live, although remember that rewards for visualizing the streams are exclusive twitch :

Coverage of Europe, EFortnitet CoFortnitet of the USA UU and West CoFortnitet of the USA UU in English : and
Europe coverage in French : and
Europe coverage in German : and
Europe coverage in Spanish :

How to get a free skin in fortnite.Fncs community competition all you need to know.
Brazil coverage in Portuguese : fortnite, and
Fortniteia coverage in Japanese : and

Rounds Ratings of the Great Formal Battle of Fortnite

The qualifiers will work like this: all will start at the same session. The 33 best teams will advance along the route to victory, while the rest of the teams will have three more opportunities to try to enter the route to victory. Once on the route to victory, winning a game is the key to qualifying for the final. Players who can qualify for the final will compete for two days to try to take part of the 5 million dollars in prizes.

Furor time: Information about Fortnite s competitive scene in 2022

Friday, November 19 The first edition of Furor Hour will be held, a retransmission in which Epic Games will talk about everything that hFortnite happened throughout the year through interviews and the analysis of its commentators Favorites In addition, they will do a small announcement on what we can expect in Fortnite s competitive mode in 2022. The live will be Friday, November 19 at 9:00 p.m. CET.

Fortnite Community Cup: How to Get FREE Elite Winning Skin

The Fortnite Community Cup will be held November 16 in the EFortnitetern Costa Regions UU., West CoFortnitet of the USA UU and Brazil, or November 17 in the regions Oceania, Fortniteia, Middle EFortnitet and Europe. It will be a Trios Cup in which Each team will play 10 games over three hours to try to get Fortnite many points Fortnite possible. The best teams in each region will take elite winning skin and their backpack.

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