Jumping into the second Daejeon Call of Duty Vanguard released

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on the 5th.

Call of Duty Vanguard VETERAN Difficulty Walkthrough Mission 02

Through the Vanguard, the players construct the Task Force Circle in the Second World War, which spread over the European Eastern and Western Wires, Pacific, and North Africa, and change the planar of the history of the history and change the plane of the history. The player becomes a hero that blocks the project Phoenix that threatens the world, and becomes active on the wire.

In addition, a multiplayer that provides a characteristic battlefield around the world, a multiplayer, leading to Dark ether, leading to the first zombie crossover cooperative mode, such as the first zombie crossover cooperative mode, and the first zombie crossover cooperative mode. Call of Duty: Integrated experience with Woozhen will also be ready for all.

Memorial of Vanguards will be commemorated by the Snowflake Investment and Campaign Mode Clear Certification Events. Call of Duty: New news and content for Vanguards and events can be found on the game official website.

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