Overwatch Lunar New Year Event returns with new cosmetics

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A new brawl, Capture The Flag Lightning is also available.

A new seasonal event is in Blizzard Entertainment s Live Overwatch as the Moon News of its triumphale return. The event celebrates the Rat year and offers a new brawl, new cosmetics and new weekly challenges to unlock skins. Look at the latest trailer.

The new brawl is called Capture the Flag Lightning. In contrast to conventional mode, the two flags are closer together and the players must conquer the flag of the opposing team six times to win. The new cosmetics include four legendary skins for Brigitte, Sombra, Moira and Lucio, as well as a new highlight intro.


The new weekly challenges where players icons, sprays and epic skins are rewarded apply to Monk Doomfist, Ancient Bronze Winston and Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball. Everyone will be live for a week until the event ends and does the doomfist begins. The Lunar New Year Event ends on February 5, so all cosmetics collect as long as you can.

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