The study after Scorn talks about delay to 2022 and development problems in a hard statement

Any fan of alien and the unmistakable designs of h. R. Tiger was lit from Scorn. The action game and atmospheric terror in the first person stood out for an exquisite visual section where the biological environments merge with science fiction technology, but the game does not seem to have had an easy development since we met Its existence in the summer of 2016.

Being a small NOVEL study EBB Software was launched at Kickstarter, financing its project in 2017 and a launch for its first chapter planned for early 2018. The study received new support and investment by Microsoft, Kowloon and Kepler, Converting Scorn into a project more ambitious and generating new delays.

Although the launch of the game was planned for this fall, its absence in the Games com and the few new features of the game seems to have angry their Kickstarter patron, from where EBB software has launching a hard communicate talking about the situation of the Game and the problems faced by the studies at the time of comply with the terms.

The HYPE and the pressure of shareholders were more important for Cyberpunk 2077 EBB Software Since the study, respond to the absence of new Game plays talking about the need to continue working on the development of the game without interruption that supposes to prepare these videos. The study examples to CD Project Network as a study that knew how to perform a great marketing with Cyberpunk 2077, which did not help the final result of the game. EBB Software considers that Cyberpunk 2077 should have been delayed one year, but HYPE and the pressure of shareholders were more important. EBB recalls that no content showing development progress will help you arrive earlier, quite the opposite.

HYPE problem in the industry

EBB Software has referred to the problem with the expectations generated by alluding to the need for the study of generating years earlier in order to achieve the necessary investment to carry out the project. The study confesses that being novice and unknown would never have achieved investment without generating expectations in advance, but also remember that following feeding them constantly can lead to frustration born of time until the launch. They have also recognized that if they were outside, they would not have released the game or marketing up to six months before its launch.

We had not achieved the investment without generating Hype EBB Software SCORN development also seems to have suffered a lot over the years, although it does not necessarily define it as a hell of development, they do recognize that 90% of the material prepared until mid-2018 was completely discarded. In his statement they also talk about their relationship with Microsoft, Kowloon and Kepler, companies that have invested in the project, celebrating the support received and recognizing not having suffered pressures by them.

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EBB Software has completed its communiqué by talking about SCORN delay at 2022, which should be faced in October, external circumstances have made the official confirmation of the delay postpone to December 10. They have also remembered the patron that if the lack of communication is a problem simply request a reimbursement and end up. Scorn s Biopunk Action is one of our most expected games, a title that we include in our selection of 20 video games with NEXT-GEN graphics that are coming.

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