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In Call of Duty: Vanguard as with each entry before you with a variety of weapons. Ready depending on what suits the level up and customize to your playing style. From standard assault rifles and submachine guns to more focused on the range weapons such as sniper distance and shotguns, which focus on the proximity and the personal. Weapon accessories have greatly increased this year, with Gunsmith action-packed ever is it. Below is a detailed class configuration for one of the most famous submachine guns of history, the M1928, the Tommy Gun is known by many as.

establishment of the M1928-Class

The M1928 is primarily for the short to medium range, a suitable weapon. Devastating at close range when it is aimed correctly, the following equipment is some of the best supplements that can get the gun when it is clearly leveled up.

snout — M1929 silencer
barrel — CGC 14.5 Veiled
optics — Slate reflector
share — Chariot Sagittarius
underflow — M1941 hand stop
magazine — 9MM 50 round drums
type of ammunition — Extends
Rear handle — polymer frame
knowledge — feat
Kit — Quick


With respect to the mouth of the cap M1929 silencer is rounded is a fit for the M1928. Keep your actions calm and your enemy minimal is reduced to a minimum. Stealth is in Call Of Duty: always an advantage to stay so that you are getting when you open the fire to the rear flanks hidden to some degree Vanguard.


The CGC 14.5 Shroud Running increases the accuracy while keeping recoil in check. With such a rapid-fire gun, the recoil if mishandled may prove a problem. With this attachment recoil and Hüftfeuergenauigkeit are more manageable.


For the optic attachment is currently popular sights is the slate reflector. Attractions are rather partial as a prerequisite, but in this case it acts as your casual red dot sight from previous entries. Support with a clear line of sight and accuracy through a tiny reticle.


Adding a Chariot Marksman share, sacrifices some speed of movement, in return for an additional bonus of more recoil control and faster ADS-speed. Further down the list kit to overcome the downgrading of the movement of the proposal will help.


Call of Duty Vanguard M1928 Best Class Setup! (MAX DAMAGE)

With the addition of the M1941 hand stop, recoil and accuracy can be improved while a small portion is sacrificed to Hüftgenauigkeit.


Although 9MM 50 round drums less damage, the rebound control and accuracy of +5 weapons come in the long run benefit with even more accuracy and improved handling. Also moving speed and rate of fire will be greatly increased.

ammunition type

Equipment a Extends ammunition type will help your arms in the projectile velocity. Not to be confused with higher rates of fire is the speed of the projectile velocity, which fired balls traveling at the after the shot, allowing you to gain a little faster a shootout.

Rear handle

In this setting, the Appendix polymer frame will help you with accuracy and resistance to the twitching. Continuous fire is more accurate and includes less recoil. The additional Finch-resistance giant M1928 clips can use their potential effectively.


For this category, feat of the first things should be, to think. Although the drum magazine of the M1928 is a stunner, but needs some time to recharge. This competence bonus you save time and get more quickly into battle.


Finally, this section is short and sweet. Amenities speed version of this article will increase your overall movement dynamics. Combined with an automatic pistol and a melee map for the area you are flying around while your enemies have trouble focusing on you.


The choice of backup weapon is an important one. The machine gun is the best available recommendations for this class setup. With a rapid rate of fire when it needs to go fast, it helps you guarantee to overcome your opponent under attack.


Although various possibilities are available, the main character associated with their M1928 class is the Gammon bomb. Developed as an explosive grenade when impact, the additional bonus helps to have no cooking time for detonation, when sweeping shots with an enemy for a slightly faster attack. Every deadly will help in the game as it is more likely to be a necessity.


The choice of the throwing material is here with you, the we know is one of the most rewarding objects for fast shooting, but stunning and smoking are also suitable for a slower approach. Overall, Troubles does not exist much room for mistakes. You can choose the available options that best suits you.

Best Benefits for M1928

Advantage 1 — For the first three sections, each of the six available advantages is an advantage for you. In this case, however, the spirit advantage is best suited. To see how easily spy walls and personal radars can be found, and keep away from the grid with a low profile, help you to get the crucial drops on your enemy.

Advantage 2 — For this category the Tracker Perk is very easy to hit the radar replacement. Helps you to pursue hostile steps and hide death markings. This is once again in the category Stealth. Paired with Ghost for invisibility, you are on the way and catch all laggards in the traces that leave you unknowingly.

Advantage 3 — The last advantage for our loadout consists of the Abstain variant. To stay at the topic of tempo, it is a definite way to burn your ammunition. With this equipment, your streaks will last longer, and you will not have difficulty picking up a drop-off weapon or look for ammunition in the crush fire, so they are constantly equipped and prepared.

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