New World Fusion of servers could be closer than we think

Whether it s BAKU, NASA, IF and many others, some European servers do not exceed 700 players in New World. With a filling that does not exceed 25%, it is important to implement a fusion of servers to restore the order. However, this problem not only affects the servers of a single country, but also to the whole game. Development teams had put a heavy server load (485 in total) to reduce the tails as much as possible, but then the hyperlink around the game, some of these worlds have finished very empty, creating pretty large holes On some servers.

Therefore, Herod, a New World player, alerted developers publishing a message in the Amazon Games MMO forum. Surprisingly, a developer said that the merger of servers was fixed for them in a future, but it was necessary to perform smaller scale tests before making these great changes and implementations and the developers want to be sure that the Technology that they use is optimal to merge the worlds and servers. Kay, the developer who spoke, also announced that Community Managers should communicate soon on the subject. As a result, the server fusion should see the light of day in the coming weeks to repopulate the empty servers of its members.

New World Needs Server Merges Now!
It seems that Amazon Games is putting the batteries, and they are taking advantage of the fury of Lost Ark to fix as soon as possible the problems that concern the different New World servers. We will have to see if the solution to all these problems arrive early as almost everything, or we will have to wait several months for us to see a solution to the problem. Luckily, this kind of thing are normal in the MMOs, and it is likely that they knew that this would happen in the long term.

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