Revolt at Manchester United Ronaldo alerted and shocked

At Manchester United, Lichterloh burns again. The 0: 2 in the derby against Man city could have been the last game of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a coach of the Red Devils. The team should already revolt against the Norwegian. Also, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is allegedly anything but satisfied with the status quo.

Already the 0: 5 against the FC Liverpool was more than just an alarm signal. At the latest the 0: 2 against Manchester City, which was superior in all matters and had to win much higher, it was evidence that Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was not one of the top teams of the Premier League.

Many believe that the Norwegian has to answer the Solskjaery crisis more or less alone. Even within the team, the headwind for the coach should now be so strong that a separation is only a matter of time.

The Daily Mail wants to have figured out what the team took the coach, among others, which decisions they disapprove and thinks superstar Cristiano Ronaldo about the current situation.

One of the dissatisfied is therefore the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes. He has the feeling that Solskjaer of the team does not make a concrete plan on the way. Other players allegedly share this concern. For this purpose, there should be some players within the cabin, the Solskjaers s young coaching staff deny the necessary qualities.

Ronaldo alerted and shocked

In question, Solskjaers is also about handling the Dutch Donny Van de Beek. The midfielder, who came in the summer of 2020 for around 40 million euros from Amsterdam, plays almost no role this season. He would be in the eyes of many team colleagues exactly the variety players who would do the game of Red Devils well. Why he sits constantly on the bench, many of his teammates can not understand.

The fact that Solskjaer shines shaped players like Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw at the same time his unrestricted trust, according to the Daily Mail is another issue in the cabin. The main performance idea, so the pre-yields, will be killed by the Norwegian.

Last But Not Least is allegedly growing the frustration of Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The standards within the club have been so rooted since his first commitment that he should be alerted and shocked.

The solution, it runs out, will probably be a change on the coach bank. On a future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hardly believes anyone now.

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