SCORN The FPS inspired by Alien Aesthetics still repulsed

It s not so much tomorrow that we can navigate in Scorn s horror universe: The EBB Software studio confirmed the delay of the project, which now rocks to 2022 without more details. Everything but a first for this title largely inspired by the aesthetic of the Swiss artist HR Tiger, that his successful Kickstarter promised for 2018, before he knows multiple reports — despite an appearance noticed among the big index games put ahead at XBOX.

Is often useful and through the term development hell. It should apply to projects that have changed their basic idea or in mid-development and can not adapt to it., Can we read in the last update of the studio on Kickstarter, which continues its mea culpa : Cell does not apply to our products for the most part. In our case, many errors have been committed, and we Fake others in the future, but it is a normal process for a new and inexperienced team.

All that was accomplished until the middle of the year 2018 was reworked, 90% of what was realized was completely discarded. It s about realizing our vision, not going out our project just Because we have communicated an arbitrary release date. If it s not ready, it s not ready. Why would people want to play a title whose developers think he s not yet at the point ?, adds EBB Software, visibly aware of the destiny waiting for the games out before being finalized.

The initial announcement has even accompanied a message somewhat hostile — If the lack of communication is so annoying, it is enough to apply for a refund and to finish — the words on which the CEO of the studio, Ljubomir Polar, preferred to return the next day, apologizing for a probable state of fatigue and frustration that should not be expressed so, a fortiori when he was addressed to the first support of the project.

The last message is a little more positive, evoking The last line of development, promising progress, but also the transition of the studio which now welcomes 56 people, against 20 at the launch of the Kickstarter. In view of the recent communication courses, EBB will also create a community leader, and promises to offer monthly info tickets with information, questions and unpublished visual elements — the first will be published in December. New trailers should follow, to expand a little the last trailer dated, which dates back to October 2020.

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