GTA The Trilogy disappears in PC Temporarily Rockstar has restricted his purchase for computers

Grand Burglary Car soundtrack: Vice City includes a collection of tracks that the player can listen to in different musical stations when he drives any kind of electric motor car. Like the video clip game structure, the music in Vice City is influenced, essentially, in the 1980s. After the overwhelming video clip game success, Rock star Gaming launched a Box Set of 7 CDs via Epic Records with all Vice City music distributed In its 7 musical stations. A lot of radio stations offer a mix of songs, DJ talks and apology advertising and marketing, all included in the CDs. Each terminal mirrors a music design, trying to stimulate the environment of the moment in the gamer.

To prepare the arrival of GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, Rock star eliminated GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas of digital stores. However, it seems that an error has led to the last remaster of the franchise to disappear temporarily on PC, because it seems that the recent trilogy can not be acquired in its computers, something that is attributed to a fall Important Rock star Launcher.

RockS tar is still working to restore Launcher Services As announced the same developer on social networks, the RockS tar platform on PC is inoperative since yesterday due to a temporary maintenance. In this way, users will be unable to access Launcher services, so players can not go into games as Red Dead Redemption 2 or the already mentioned GTA: Trilogy — The Definitive Edition.

This is the reason why several users have pointed out the impossibility of buying the remastered trilogy for PC, then, at the time of writing this news, you still can not acquire the physical version for computers on the official website of Rock star Beyond the fall of the Launcher, the causes are not known that have produced this situation, although the study responsible for the game appreciates the patience of the players and affirms continue working in the restoration of the services.

The FAILURE Of The Rockstar Games Launcher and GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Launch
Rock star not only has improved the graphics of three iconic games in the franchise, something that has taken chest with new comparative videos, but has also introduced seemingly imperceptible changes in titles. However, the community has not taken to realize that a relevant symbol has been withdrawn on the Phil Cassidy T-shirt and, although some tricks of the original deliveries have also been eliminated, the three stubborn titles Some curious surprises.

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