Zwickaus King We must not make a step less

The last defeat dated from September 11, the SC Varied in late summer 3: 1 the points from Wicket. Since then, the swans brought three victories and four draws. A remarkable intermediate spurt.

Nevertheless, the team of coach Joe Enoch is currently only one point from the descent zone. Little surprising therefore, that the motto for the home game on Saturday (14 o clock, live! At defeat dated) against the supposed Underdog Averse means: Do not let it down!

already tenth in the eternal rifle list

How to Fix Squeaky Stairs

We must not make a step less now. In each game, we will ask us to go to our limit of performance, says Forager King, with 38 years of the oldest in the PSV squad and with 60 third-league gates tenths in the eternal Goal scorer list of the play class.

In the interview with DFB.DE, the center tower at the same time warns of the tail light: Although the non-default sites are seven points away, the team is not up. The TSV Averse has often shown that the team can compete in the 3rd league. Like last on the 2: 1 success over Halle.

The defensively susceptible Averse (33 concedes) to force errors and even like to stay without goal — that would be the necessary ingredients for the recipe for success according to the king. He and his teammates would certainly have the necessary self-confidence and his teammates for this purpose.

No kick in Karen

As the PSV announced on Friday via Twitter, the Saxon Football Association has canceled the third-party match for Wednesday in the regional cup against unit Karen. The reason was the impact of the new Saxon Corona Protection Regulation.

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