PS5 refueling in Target leads to a series of cancellations

Recently, there was a new PlayStation 5 refueling at the Target retail store. This specific refulgent coincided with the first anniversary of Sony s most recent console. Unfortunately, even though it has been a full year since the PS5 was launched for the first time, several clients are still going through incredibly difficult times when it comes to acquiring the hardware.

This week, on social networks, several PS5 potential buyers shared their experience with regard to this new console replenishment in Target. In general, the refueling itself was quite small by nature, largely because it is said that Target is staying with some PS5 units to sell closer to the Black Friday. As such, those who could hook the PS5 in this fall were few and distant from each other.

However, what seemed to be the biggest problem in this new replenishment of PS5 came with some cancellations that occurred at the end of Target. According to the stories of several clients, Target sold them the PS5 only to then send a cancellation email shortly after the sale will be finalized. Target did not explain why these cancellations occurred so often, but it seems that the store simply sold more PS5 consoles than I intended. All this situation is one that bothered several buyers and, as a result, bothered them even more with target.

Are you someone who met the same problem with the last replenishment of PS5 in Target? Let me know your own experience in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

You can also keep reading below if you want to see some of the reactions that some fans had with this new sale of Target PS5.

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