Netmarble Seven Knights 2 Most Anniversary Live Discounts

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Net marble (Representative Won Young, Lee Sung Won) announced on the 15th that Mobile MMORPG Seven Knights 2 service celebrates the first anniversary of the first anniversary of Sent 2 Borders on the first anniversary of the first anniversary.

In the last 12 days, the Senna 2 Gather, which was live on Youtube for 3 hours, Net marble Han Hi Hewn, Net marble, Kim Jung-min PD, and the PD of Unsung PD.

Net marble Necklace Association PD said, I am still a lot of lacking games, but I will try to make a game that can be played with users for a long time as soon as possible.

On this day, Net marble introduced a large-scale update to the first anniversary, and the most popular heroes Tao are expected to be added as a legendary plus hero. As Tao appears, Chapter 3 of the Season 2 Scenario will be updated, and Seven Knights 2 world view will be expanded.

Seven Knights 2 OST - Lux Aeterna (Music Video)
Net marble also predicted the first anniversary carnival event that issues a legend plus hero option, including the popular hero Emperor Lynn, a total of 10,000 rubies, and a legendary pet option.

The Best Sent corner was held in various fields in various fields, and it was time to answer the use of users and real-time Q & A and answered directly to the questions.

Net marble Han Typhoon, a business group, said, We have provided a variety of events for the users who sent affection for the first anniversary. As well as existing users, we have prepared a benefit for new users, and I continue to communicate with users I will do it.

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