The studio Broken Bird Games announces its psychological horror game Luto for next year

Small Spanish independent studio, Broken Bird Games has chosen the psychological horror registry for its very first realization, baptized Auto. A title announced for next year on PlayStation and PC Consoles.

The ads of psychological horror games multiply lately. After Madison, who made us great impression during E3, so here are coming Auto. The description of its developers reveals a title exploring various phobias (agoraphobia, claustrophobia, monophobia, nyctophobia, etc.) and dealing with difficulties of mourning and depression (auto means mourning in Spanish). The worst of hell, it is not the flames, it is the despair… Announces a voice that we suppose to be that of the main character of the story, locked in his home and incapable of get out.

LUTO  - First Teaser Trailer   - New FIRST PERSON HORROR Game 2022

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The announcement of the output of the title next year is accompanied by a new video, promising a frightening atmosphere and neat environments. Broken Bird Games promises a dynamic narrative environment and an environmental and sensory horror, that this new trailer also illustrates rather well.

Video Gamut

Auto — Trailer

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