3 weapons with which they dominated to the release of Battlefield 2042

Area weapons are weapons utilized precede war. They consist of weapons that can attack space systems in orbit (i.e. anti-satellite weapons), assault targets on the planet from space or disable rockets taking a trip through space. In the course of the militarization of space, such weapons were created generally by the objecting to superpowers throughout the Cold War, as well as some remain under development today. Space weapons are likewise a main style in army science fiction and also sci-fi computer game.

A week nachdemBattlefield started in 2042 in the Early Access, it is officially in stores. Mango show you in time for the release, the best three weapons that can use their currently in the game.

With one week ahead through the Early Access is clearly the release of Battlefield 2042, which is dominated by three weapons in the match. We provide you these weapons before, tell you the main advantages and disadvantages and tell you how it makes optimum use.

These weapons can further modify and adapt to your needs her weapons essays. But beware: Many weapons essays in Battlefield 2042 work currently different from you think.

1. DM7: The versatile precision weapon that works on all maps


Good, constant damage
Strong on high distances
Plenty of ammunition with good reload
Very precise, even when the character is in motion


Requires good Aim
In close combat, it has disadvantages against most other weapons
Slow to handle than many other weapons

Why is so good that weapon? The DM7 is for us the current best weapon in the game. She excels in particular due to their versatility and consistency. Since most fights take place in Battlefield 2042 on greater distances, their precision and good level of claims is a big advantage.

By default loadout kills at most distances with three body blows. With a headshot, it needs only one more hit anywhere on the body for the kill.
With 15 balls in the standard magazine you therefore can kill up to 7 opponents before you have to reload.

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In contrast to the SVK (which we will introduce later) she loses only little precision, if you do fire on the move. So you can dodge enemy fire while her shoot back.

What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The biggest drawback of the weapon lies in its semi-automatic nature. If suddenly an opponent standing next to you, you have a big disadvantage against weapons that can fire many bullets quickly.

Another disadvantage is that Mrs very good Aim requires. In the wrong hands strong weapons like the DM7 can therefore be quickly useless. Players that fully automatic weapons should prefer, can see in particular the next presented weapon.

How do I use this weapon optimally? This weapon can be used without problems, although in most situations the game, but excels mainly on medium distances. With the DM7 you must not stand still and camp, it is suitable both on the defensive and in the offensive.

But you should avoid close combat as possible. So try are possible in the back row of advancing troops, and build from there pressure on opponents.

2 . PP-29: The most reliable all-rounder in the game


Very easy to play
Controllable recoil
Very much ammunition with fast reload animation
Fast handling
Little Bloom


Poor rate of fire
A few essays change weapon barely
Sufferer is not the best
Not the best option at higher distances
If activated only after 15 to 20 hours of play time.

Why is so good that weapon? The PP-29 is currently the best submachine gun and the flexible weapon in the game. In Battlefield 2042, it is one just the most popular and best weapons. This depends on the one hand to the fact that assault rifles perform poorly because of a problem with the Blooming, on the other hand, the PP-29 but also from some merit.

It is a fully automatic weapon very easy to play with a large magazine. She forgives even worse Aim. The PP-29 is very strong in close combat.
With a controllable recoil is also at distances up to 100 m good.
With the standard magazine she has up to 54 shot and makes good loss. So that they can easily do an entire enemy troop without that you have to reload again. And recharging is quick.

What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The bad firing rate of the PP-29 is in most situations not a problem. In close combat it pulls against other SMS and shotguns but quickly the shorter. Their relatively poor performance in Sufferer amplifies the problem.

Because there is no underflow essays for PP-29, the weapon also hardly changed. A laser sight to improve Sufferers is therefore not as available.

The PP-29 does have a surprisingly high precision over distances, but does little damage. It often happens that you present your opponent does not quite kill can, before they can be brought into coverage.

How do I use this weapon optimally? The PP-29 is so flexible that its hard to use it wrong. Although it is not recommended using them on the highest distances — but it is not completely useless. This SMG is the right choice in almost every situation. And both for beginners with worse AIM, and shooter professionals.

But since you have to play about 15-20 hours before you have access to the weapon, the PBX-45 is a good alternative for the beginning.

3 . SVK: incredible firepower, but difficult to play


Always kills with two shots
Very strong at a distance


Requires almost perfect AIM
Very imprecise, if you move at the goals.
Little ammunition in the magazine
Slow handling
Very bad in melee

Why is this weapon so good? This weapon has basically just a real strength. But the can help:

The SVK always kills with 2 shots — no matter where the ball caught the opponent; No matter what distance. It makes it the same damage to the body like a sniper rifle.
Youre handling and your fire rate is much better compared to a sniper.

What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The weapon becomes very imprecise when you move when shooting (via Reddit). That can look like the Bloom problem of the assault rifles, but it is not.

Even if youre handling and the fire rate is much better than snipers — well, these values ​​are not compared to the other weapons on the list. With only 5 balls in the magazine (plus one in the barrel) you have to show almost perfect AIM to make good use of this weapon.

How do I use this weapon optimally? Where the PP-29 adapts to the laymans playing style, the SVK is the opposite: You must play exactly the play style that the weapon requires you. Otherwise, it is very frustrating quickly.

This means, as long as you are patient and stopping on your opponent, it is an absolute monster. But as soon as you want to play aggressively in some form, you will let you down quickly. This weapon is perfect for those who like to specify with their AIM, but do not want to shoot snipers from hundreds of meters on opponents. SVK users should therefore defend control points instead of trying to conquer them.

No matter what these 3 weapons chooses you — properly used you can all dominate the battlefield.

Which weapon is your favorite? Have you already tried our recommendations? If so, what is your favorite setup? Lets know us in the comments!

If you are looking for good assault guns, you unfortunately have to be patient. Currently, they are not recommended, which is currently one of the biggest problems of Battlefield 2042. But the developer says that it is already working on it.

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