Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe now at the lowest price at Mediamarkt and Saturn

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Galaxy s20 FE at cheapest price in the offline market. Unboxing | Quick Review. ????????????????????????
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Samsung set-off smartphone from the lower upper class is available at mediamarkt.DE and Saturn.DE as part of the Black Friday Week currently favorably like never.

So good is the price: The Galaxy S20 FE in the New Edition is currently available at both shops for only 399 euros instead of 625 euros.

According to price comparison, the model has not yet been so cheap and is listed at other dealers only from 445.23 euros.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, it can be saved with the newsletter voucher of MediaMarkt.DE or from Saturn.DE at first order.

The blue version online is currently as the only available, while the other color options may be available in the market for pickup.

Now to the Galaxy S20 FE at now to the Galaxy S20 FE at Saturn.DE

This offers the Galaxy S20 Fe

Cheap Lower Class: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ( Fan Edition ) is a cheaper new edition of the beginning of last years smartphone top model Galaxy S20 and offers luxury features at a comparatively moderate price. In the case of the 2021 version ( New Edition ) with the powerful Snapdragon 865 chip.

Good reviews: Average 4.6 out of 5 stars in over 500 reviews on Saturn.DE already speak for yourself.

Above all, the good total package is praised at a high-end level, while there are no superficial criticisms for 4-star ratings.

Good test score: The smartphone was tested, amongst other things, with computer-picture.DE with the last years Enos chip (Test note 2.2 / good ), where it was almost consistently rated positively.


Fast processor (better than S20)
Long battery life
Bright, contrasting display
120-Hz display
Good triple camera with 3 x optical zoom


Plastic housing
Thicker display frame than S20

Now to the Galaxy S20 FE at now to the Galaxy S20 FE at Saturn.DE

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Currently, the Cyberpunk also runs in preparation for Black Friday, with MediaMarkt and Saturn having various attractive deals:

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