Sessa lacks Heidenheim until the end of the year

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Haile Selassie, Speech to October 6 1963
There it is disgusting, Kiels said striker Fin Barrels in front of the trip to the Swabian Alb. For Dagenham always goes as aggressive and uncomfortable. But in AUE, the Swabia did not want to get her virtues right in the place. The game was worked up intensively, SCHMIDT reported on Friday and confessed: The defeat still annoys us massive. The criticism was appropriate. We have to be full of the head and be ready as a team to go to the maximum! However, there are a few peoples worries. Kevin Tessa will not play this year. He has moved in training a greater muscle injury in the back thigh. I hope he can be back in preparation, says Schmidt. In addition, Denis Thomas (Ribenprellung) and Robert Later (muscular problems) are struck.

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