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Whats better for Streamer than the best webcam of the moment? It falls well since the price of the Logitech C922 HD has just fallen for the Black Friday thanks to a Party promotion.

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No need to present the Logitech C922 HD as known and recognized. We do not count the streamers, beginners as professionals who use this little camera. At the same time, it must be said that it has enough to seduce. With its capture in Full HD and its excellent image processing, it is the best ally of the streamers or videoconferencing followers.

His little more? It has a stereo microphone that allows you to overcome a dedicated microphone. But the streamers will be especially happy with its functionality of automatic clipping to replace the background in Live.

With its success, promotions on this model are rare, and its tariff remains blocked at €99.99. Fortunately, at Party for this Black Friday, the streamers grass that are not yet equipped will be able to have fun and to feast their comma for only €69,99. In addition, it is sold with a small tripod that will allow you to be even more flexible.

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Despite a quality of image and its slightly underneath, the webcam Racer Kilo still manages to pull its game pin thanks to its integrated lighting. The kilo will therefore be ideal for those who do not wish to invest in dedicated lighting, for lack of space. It is also capable of filming in full HD and offers a slightly sliced ​​and oriented design than the C922.

You guessed it, it is also promoted for the Black Friday. Its price then goes to €62,99 at Amazon, something to have fun without exceeding the budget. With a fee as close, the choice depends on your preferences and your needs. If you often play in the dim light and the lighting is missing, the kilo is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want the best image quality and you want to replace the background without a green background, then the C922 HD will be your best ally.

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