The surgical scalpel limit postponed to summer 2021

The Game Boy Advancement SP, often abbreviated as GBA SP, is a mobile video clip game console produced by Nintendo and also introduced to the marketplace in March 2003. Primarily it is a redesign of the Game Kid Development, with a number of functions included as a battery or lit up screen. It is totally compatible with your precursor. The acronym SP refer referral to Unique Task (in Spanish Special Project), a term clarified by Nintendo on its customer care website.

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The Chinese Game Developer Surgical Scalpels has made the difficult decision to delay its next multiplayer shooting game, Boundary. Like many other developers delaying titles lately, the delay has been implemented because of the slowdown in the game development process during the current pandemic. When launching later this year, Boundary will be available on PS4 and PC.

Boundary will be a multiplayer FPS experience located in the zero gravity space that modifies motion and shooting mechanisms compared to other shooters on the market. According to Surgical Scalpels, Boundary will be an online experience only with a particular emphasis on the simulation of the feeling of being in a space without gravity. This zero gravity mechanism will ensure that Boundary stands out from other FPS titles when leaving this summer.

Boundary will be launched with four main modes: installation capture, team game in team, skirmish and orbital purge. Team Deathwatch is the expected mode that focuses on the accumulation of the greatest number of victories for your team for the purpose of winning. Orbital Purge is the most competitive boundary game mode because it gives players the opportunity to achieve a goal or eliminate the enemy team. The capture of facilities is to capture and secure specific locations similar to Call of Duty domination or Battlefield conquest.

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Finally, Skirmish opposes teams to each other in the same class and with the same weapons for several turns, making sure everyone is at the same level. As with most game modes, the team with more Round victories takes the double. Are you disappointed that Boundary was delayed or always expect to see more about boarding? Let us know in the comments below!

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