Grand Theft Auto VI Fans want to discover screenshot in San Andreas

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FIRST LOOK! GTA 6 Screenshot Found In GTA San Andreas: The Definitive Edition! (GTA VI)

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Some fans currently speculate about a picture in the definitive edition of San Andreas, which may be about the first screenshot from Grand Theft Auto VI. In the game, the picture is framed in the pub Little Sample Inn and shows an unknown house with floating saucer on the top left. Attention also receives the picture because even the biggest fans do not know the model of the house and can not be able to assign the place where it stands. In no part of the GTA series. Interesting is also the contribution of a user in the GTA forum, which has found a real house in Miami, which is very similar to that on the picture. This could be meant as an indication that Grand Theft Auto VI plays in a Miami-like setting, as it did Vice City once. In the video of IGN you can take a look at the pictures.

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