Dimitrios Grammars does not spare nothing of these days: as if the last minute draw at Welder Bremen after a joke penalty for the coach of FC Schalke 04 would not have been annoying enough, the German Greek was now also a momentous Ashley taken on the press conference after the game on the grain.

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Review: In the Weber Stadium, the FC Schalke was the last Saturday evening by a goal of Goalkeeper Simon Eroded on the winning course, as a referee Tobias Staider decided in the last moments of the game after a reference to the video referee for penalty for Welder.

Preceded was a barely visible contact of Knap-Youngster Henning Patrician at the foot of the Bremen Roger Scale. The homeowners gratefully took the gift and met with the final whistle to compensate.

FC Schalke: Grammars hashes in front of the cameras

Afterwards, the emotions on Schalke side cooked powerful, they felt cheated by victory. Even coach Dimitrios Grammars was still extremely upset on the press conference after the game.

So came a verbal stumped that was now also picked up by moderator Sebastian Puff in the television program TV Total.

I’ve said the Nazis (?) Also, you can be angry, you should be angry after such an action, explained the 43-year-old in front of the cameras.

Of course, Grammar did not really want to say Nazis, but his hasty saying sounds the same way. Puff’s tooth winking reaction: To his defense you have to say: Maybe he just said in concrete ‘right outside’. He also suggested that Schalke could soon be renamed the royal brown.

Whether the exercise manager has taken the jokes over his verbal stumped, which also hit high waves in the net, is not known.

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