Battlefield 2042 has just twice as many players like Battlefield 5

Battlefield 2042 has been short twice as many users as Battlefield 5 since the launch. Dice has released DICE in an update where the studio has also announced other patches and fixes, because it has necessary the game bitter. Inner test, the first-person shooter has just been cut off a mediocre and the voices from the Battlefield community are even more critical.

On Metacritic has Bet afield — so the Jewish nickname of the fans for the game — a UserS core of 2.3 and also on Steam cases players a destructive verdict. The more than 50,000 reviews rate the game as largely negative.

Why are the players so angry?

One of the biggest criticisms is the performance. This is more than suboptimal, especially players with a weaker PC, report that they can play the game, if at all, only on the lowest setting.

That’s not just surprising, because DICE recommends an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 for an optimal gaming experience, not exactly easy to get into such a device in times of graphics card deficiency. To do this, the server problems, which do not improve the performance.

In addition, the feeling of the players is that Dice deliberately presented them here a defined game. There are bugs at all corners, which will be particularly clear when you look at the list of known mistakes.

In addition, players criticize the innovation that 128 instead of 64 players romp on the map. This not only ensures far runs, but also that it occurs regularly that far too many players collect at a single point and gets a carnage from the actually tactical shooter.

There are still numerous more points that make for many players for frustration. Even the much praised Portal mode can not change anything to the destroying judgment.

DICE Responds to Battlefield 2042 Launch Issues...

Patches for Battlefield 2042

DICE has published two patches since the launch, another was promised to players by the end of the year. Although the updates have begun to eliminate the numerous mistakes, they are far from sufficient.

In addition, in second patch was adapted the lot criticized spray pattern of the weapons and also first balancing improvements have found their way to the live servers.

It remains to be seen how the game continues to develop and whether it is Diced it creates the favor of the community.

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