New World The return of the auction house will take longer than expected

Unfortunately, no information has been provided on the return of auction houses to New World European servers. The only information that has been filtered is as follows: After another problem more related to the Auction House, the maintenance of November 24 led something more time due to the concern related to coding lines. This correction will take time, and it will be necessary to perform a test phase to verify the results before you can put it on the live servers and that this house is not economically speaking chaos and risk to the bubble explosion.

It seems that the haste of the players by buying resources resulted in the overflow of the donated gold currency and creating this time of inactivity. Therefore, developers are putting things in order for the economy and quality of life not affected by the actions of the players. The main objective of developers is not to create data loss and above all money for players.

The same happens with decoration objects. It is still impossible to change, sell or even get rid of these items that begin to occupy more and more space in the inventories of the New World players. Nor has it been given information on this subject, so we will have to take the trouble patiently and wait for new news to leave the MMO as it was before the patch. Next week should be led by a new update, but nothing prevents having a timeout on these issues. On the other hand, the monthly program of December (similar to 1.1) could well solve once and for all these small inconveniences of the daily life in Sternum or the opposite, so we hope with fear the new patch.

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