LOL Fnatic takes advantage of the controversy and leaves a message to the community We support UpSet 100

FANATIC has starred in the last days one of the great controversies of the European League of Legends. The output of Adam of the club and its farewell by means of a hard statement in which it carried against the organization and accused Upset of abandoning the worlds 2021 gave rise to the reaction of both fans As the shooter, he was forced to respond to the accusations. A situation that has led to Javier Zara, maximum responsible for League of Legends at the club, to rule over the situation.

FANATIC, 100% on Upset side

Launching an official statement with the FANATIC seal, the manager has ensured that In that sense, the club ensures Working that it made the right decision. A posture according to the decision of him to continue counting on him next season, something that has also been confirmed in the statement.

The statement has also had a small reprimand for some members of the community. It expresses how sad it has turned out very to speculate people with respect to someone who has had to live such a difficult experience. A situation that has not been revealed or revealed unless the player’s express desire is, since from the organization they want to continue protecting the privacy of it in the future.

Dom on Upset leaving Fnatic at Worlds

The Fanatic seasonal end could not live up to its performance throughout League of Leaden’s competitive season and frustration is reasonable. However, something very serious has to happen so that a player is willing to leave the world championship after classifying him for the first time in five years of competitive race. Fortunately every year is a new beginning and, with the templates of LEC already very profiled, seem favorites to re-reach the Worlds.

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