Traumtore and Blackout Kiel beat Werder and climbs

Because left-back van der Beef lacked short-term illness due, Kiel’s coach Marcel Rap had to make a personnel change after 1: 2 in Dagenham, he brought Kirkeskov.

Bremen’s InterimScoach Christian Brand continued differently than Daniel Djokovic at the late 1: 1 against Schalke on a four-chain in defense and a flat rhombus in midfield. Fried returned after his corona infection, repressed MOM out of the starting and began in the internal defense, large slipped a position in front of the double sectors with Gruel. Dink also replaced Schmidt and began in the right midfield, Betancourt took over the left part.

The game played the stain away the keels, which came against partly uncoordinated Bremen to a wealth of degrees. Neumann (4th) and Reese (8th, 10.) lacked the last precision, on the other side Welder woke up after a quarter of an hour and could have been able to go in the lead, but Duck sch was released freely from dinning (15.).

Kiel lets many chances — then meets hits spectacular

The first good Bremen phase did not last long, then Kiel pushed again on the accelerator pedal and bothered the guests early in their half. Again and again, the Bundesliga relegated also made light-ready ball losses under construction, could not benefit from this neither Pitcher (28th, 30th) nor North (40th). As it works better, the MEET substituted for the injured Reese showed immediately before the break with a spectacular hit: The former Union er sank a sharp Neumann flank with a mixture of side and drop retractors in the box (45.), Fuller missed the direct Answer (45. + 1). The Kiel break guide was anything but undeserved.

Even after the break, Welder began some confused, but then was invited and thanked. Because dangers were over-motivated from his chest and did not prevent the subsequent throw-in, filling hug succeeded the ball over 25 meters into the orphaned gate (57th). The storks looked briefly unsettled, but shook themselves and beat promptly back: Mulling, who was hardly disturbed before the sixteen, swelled the ball to the inner post, and the rebound shoved Pitcher over the line (65th).

Dinning needs to be replaced — Welder does not fall much

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Brand reacted, Scale and Schmidt brought for beggar and Dink, but much offensive swung sprinkled the two jokers but not really. On the opposite side, Rap had to replace his goalkeeper because dangers had injured in a collision with Teacher and dazed by the field.

Sporting highlights should no longer exist despite ten-minute injection time, in the end Kiel, which is required next Saturday (13.30 clock) in Nuremberg, brought the 2-1 victory over time and lies in the table only three points behind Welder. The Bremen can already make ground on Friday evening (18.30 clock) against ARE again on the rise places.

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