Cyber Monday at Amazon The completion of Black Friday Week

final sprint of the Marathon Deal: On Cyber ​​Monday Amazon still has some exciting offers, including 12 months PS Plus for €40 and the mechanical keyboard Rocket volcano TKL.

Today is the last day of Black Friday week and around midnight it is only once over the deal on Amazon. So you can still save, as long as the action goes, we have listed you some current highlights. So you can buy cheap, and some games are on offer including the premium online service from Sony. So check over yet and assures you your top deals.

Among the Cyber ​​Monday deals from Amazon

PS Plus 12 months

Who online often on the PS4 or PS5 gambles needs PS Plus. Ideally, one gets this membership if they offer, is in advance for several months. Most preferably, the variant with the maximum term. As luck would have it, now is the perfect time to make provisions: the 12-Month Membership is reduced from Amazon from €60 to €40.

PS Plus you not only get access to online multiplayer many games, but you can every month get a few free games. If you hurry, you can now still in November Knockout City (PS4 / PS5) First Class Trouble (PS4 / PS5) and Kingdoms of Amateur: Reckoning Re- (PS4) snag. In December, you expect then Godfall (PS4, PS5) Mortal Shell (PS4) and LEGO DC Super Villains (PS4).

Order now PS Plus 12 months for €39.99

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Cyber ​​Monday offer: Rocket Vulcan TKL mechanical keyboard

Precision typing feel and this incomparable click — with mechanical keyboards for typing and gaming easy and fun. The main disadvantage of these keyboards, except that it better alone in the use in space, is in the price. For many models cost more than €100. Amazon you get the Rocket Vulcan TKL until midnight but for about €90.

Dark’s but rather be a keyboard with Mecca membrane? Then you check it, the Racer Ornate V2 to:

The Rocket Vulcan TKL is especially handy if you have little space on the desk. Thanks to the compact layout of the Tentacles version it measures just 36 cm in width. Still a practical special knob has found its way onto the keyboard for volume control. The ergonomic, extra-flat design protects your wrist, while her exploits the lifetime of 50 million keystrokes.

Now for €90.74 Buy Rocket Vulcan TKL

Good games on Cyber ​​Monday: Guardians of the Galaxy and more

PS Plus is ordered, console and PC are ready — now only missing games! On Cyber ​​Monday Amazon still has some top titles on offer, including the surprisingly good Guardians of the Galaxy. Takes on the role of Star Lord commanded the Guardians and save the galaxy! An exciting story, great looks and funny dialogues provide an entertaining, round gaming experience.

Games on Amazon on sale:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox) for €33.26 Buy
Now for €35.28 Buy Riders Republic (Xbox)
for PC Buy Game Pass 3 month subscription for €19.99
buy Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire for €15
Spider-Man: Buy Miles Morales (PS5) for €30.24
Now for €18.14 Buy It Takes Two (PS4)

To the gaming opportunities at Amazon

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